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NO!! I shouted
As I realized my clothes one by one, stripped off
I began to lose my consciousness
Pupils dilating, eyes contracting
Dilating, contracting
Veins shivering and thumping vigorously
Dilating, contracting
Couldn’t feel a zing
Blurred lines and shimmy voices
My inner self was screaming
My inner self, was screeching
Was I crying or laughing at my endeavor
All failed endeavor
My breath so fragile I thought I died that moment

As I tried to find my vent
Hush! He pressed those fingers against my lips
My lips which were quivering from his fear
My lips which he crushed a moment later
I hated all those sensations
Blood rushing against my neck as he choked me to death
Oh! I wished death had embraced me then
Chapped fingers, pressing and pinching against my body,
My soul wanted to escape me then
My soul wished he would burn in hell
Felt the world turning upside down as he clutched on my hair
I heard his tinkling belts, I was dreading to my grave,
I tried to move, I tried to get up
I just cannot escape
Only, only my vague tears could escape him

A matter of moments, blood, and vengeance dripping from my body
My body has turned blue
I just wish my heart stops beating
Staring at the ceiling above since forever now it seems
Dying slow death

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