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Hafa’ ~ about a girl who loves rain, gentle rain.

Every time it rains, I wonder how I always get lost in the splashes of rain. I find myself facing towards the sky, with my arms wide open and drops of rain falling gently over my face. My lashes cover my eyes, my smile stretches right over my face, and I am as jubilant ever every time it rains. With every rainfall, these series of events come to pass all over again. Rainfall and me, we are somehow connected. I say that because ever since I was a little girl I remember getting amused with rain. When I was a kid, I used to squeal with delight at the very sound of pitter patter on my window pane. I used to quietly sneak out of my room and run outside in my lawn, jump on the puddles of mud wearing a slipper which was way beyond my little feet. I always got a bash after I came home from my mom or my dad for spoiling their slippers, and used to get sick eventually. But then these little bashings never really did stop me from experiencing that certain feeling of trance, of that divine sensation when the first drop of rain falls on the ground. Every time I stand there on my balcony or on a terrace with my arms wide open; I find myself in peace, in tranquility.


I somehow can connect with the rain. My mind fills with euphoric feelings. I am exhilarated after every slosh of rain falls on my soul, not only my body. My soul gets quenched after every splash. This occasional slosh has been the reason for my happiness. For me being someone who gets inspiration and happiness over small things, this is a perfect moment whereby all my worries, my negative aura gets washed by and there is an ample place for my creativity to flourish. Today too it rained, well it’s still raining and the flower within me has bloomed exhibiting its all beauty. Amidst the regular onslaught of work and mundane activities, today after my trip to my terrace, I have found myself back, smiling and shining and so very placid.

Some people feel the rain, while others just get wet. Try to feel it and you then know the sheer beauty of it. You will be able to then live by heart and walk with faith and fly with love. My husband gave me this name ~Hafa’ when we were dating back then. He was the one who inspired me to write this article.

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