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Houston soccer fans rejoice – the NAH CUP 2016 officially kicked off today!

In spite of the scorching heat, the Nepali community in Houston is ready for another summer of exciting soccer matches. The NAH cup 2016 officially kicked off today, and we couldn’t be happier to announce that FC Dead Runners is off to a flying start!

The Nepalese Association of Houston organizes the NAH cup every year to bring together soccer lovers and players alike, for an exciting tournament that becomes the talk of town every summer.

This year, the tournament will be longer as eight teams will play in a league, competing against each other. The tournament will end on Sept. 3, in what we hope, will be a grand finale like no other.

The first day of league kicked off July 30 with three games played –

Three Star took on Chandra Surya and won with a score of 3-1
Everest FC played with South Eagles and won with a score of 4-0
FC Dead Runners took on Pearland FC and won with a score of 14-0

FC Dead Runners shined on their first match of the tournament with young players showing what they’re capable of. Sunny, Shishir, Pawan and Prabin showed a peek of their capability to carry this team all the way to the final. The brightest star, however, was veteran player Manish Bhandari, who scored a hat trick and was one of the leading scorers.

FC Dead Runners will play Three Star next week, Aug. 6.

houston soccer

FC Dead Runners would like to extend a sincere thanks to supporters who support us on and off the field. Thanks to NAH for organizing the tournament year after year, and making soccer an integral part of the Houston Nepalese Community. Special thanks to Rising Junkiri for being our official sponsor this season.

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houston soccer

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