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So you’re graduating? Congratulations, there are thousands of people graduating just like you! I don’t mean to burst your bubble but if you thought that it was time to relax and lay-back…….. you’re wrong! Now its time to hustle like never before. I hope that during your four years of college you spent at least a few hours of networking and meeting professionals other than just partying hard all the time. How To Find A Job After College Graduation? Many students struggle to answer this question. Below is a list of the top 10 things you must do to optimize your chances of landing a job by the time you graduate college!

1) Don’t wait to the last minute!
Don’t wait until you graduate to start applying for jobs. You should start filling out applications and communicating with potential job opportunities at least one semester before you graduate.

2) Don’t just network, connect with peers and professionals.
I’m sure that throughout your four years of college you heard the work networking. Well, relationships are not just about networking and meeting people. Relationships take time to develop and they should be nourished just like anything else in life. Therefore, don’t just network but connect with people.

Take off the dust of those old business cards you got from some contacts in the past and send them an email to start a conversation. Tell them how you met and that you are just saying hello. This will open up a door for you to later talk to this contact in regards to a potential job offer.

3) Polish your resume.
It is time to really polish your resume. Have a professional on your campus review and criticize your resume. If you don’t know how to draft a resume by now, there are plenty of resources online. Google “resume draft” to get an idea on how to develop one.

4) Write a vibrant and professional cover letter template.
Have an excellently written cover letter that is easy to customize. You should draft a well-articulated letter that talks about your strengths, goals, services you provide and leave a paragraph that can be tailored to the job you’re applying for. The key is customization. You want to customize your letter for every job you apply to.

5) If you completed an internship.
If you successfully completed an internship prior to graduation and enjoyed your experience, you should consider contacting the company/organization by expressing that your gratitude for the opportunity and your interest in a potential career with them. Explain that you’ll be graduating soon and that because you really enjoyed your experience with them, and your ability to perform the job with excellence, that you would like to extend your internship to a job.

How To Find A Job After College Graduation

6) Contact your friends.
Let your friends know that you’ll be graduating in a few weeks and that you’ll be looking for a full-time job. Most likely they know someone who is hiring and can inform you of it.

7) Host a graduation party/social.
Don’t just invite your drunken friends to this party. Invite professional contacts you’ve made during your time in college. During your gathering socialize with your guests and inform them of your plans, goals, and job seeking aspirations.

8) Your campus career and job office.
If you continue to struggle to find a job go to your campus career services office and ask them for resources to find a job. Usually, they will have some immediate jobs that are willing to hire any graduates. Don’t just settle, but be realistic in your search.

9) Social media!
Research shows that about 40% of jobs are now obtained either through Facebook or LinkedIn. Post a status and let your friends know that you’re ready to take on a full-time job. If you don’t have a professional LinkedIn profile, I recommend you make one right now and look for the many job opportunities available there!

10) Go old school.
Don’t be afraid of being personal. Go into the office of your dream job with several copies of your well-polished resume and cover letter at hand and ask if they are hiring. Most of the time they’ll be happy that you took the initiative to go in person to see if they are hiring. This calls for an impromptu interview and most of the time you’ll be guaranteed to at least be considered for a potential job offer.

Congratulations on graduating from college! However, this is not a destination but just the launch of your professional career. Hopefully, these points helped you get some answer to the question How To Find A Job After College Graduation.