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Numerous companies are running but how many are exactly standing strong in the competition of business? It is a question every entrepreneur should ask themselves before establishing a company. The answer should definitely contain the situation of human resources, mostly because it is an integral part of an organization. While companies are also realizing the importance of manpower development, only countable organizations are known for their human resource management.

Manpower is the pillar of an organization for it determines the success or failure of a company. A good number and qualified manpower are required for a company to consistently head towards its goal(s). No matter the number of tools and technologies a company possesses, it is nothing without the human resources; it will be like a body without its soul.

A business runs well when the manpower it has is led with clarity. Business promise service or product while entering the market. The human resource when managed correctly, best delivers the services and products to the clients.

The right human resources

With so many parts to play, a company needs different types of human resources, working as a team. The demand in newfound sectors is rising for which diversification of services and products is very important. But the skilled manpower of the company make it happen. The diversification in service or products has caused the demand for human resources to shoot up.

semi skilled human resources working

Photo: Unsplash/ Spencer Davis

Not only skilled but semi-skilled and unskilled manpower is equally important to make a company complete. It is the same with startups or any small-scaled companies. They need to build a team comprising of people with different caliber so that any designated work gets done on time.

In any startup, people grow confused about their roles in the company. This results in multiple persons doing the same job reducing the company’s productivity. Co-founders or even staff of the company sometimes fall short on identifying their specific tasks and end up with mismanagement. Newly established companies especially startups fall prey to this problem as they usually don’t have experience in handling a business.

Situation in Nepal

As a developing country, Nepal is in an experimental phase. Because of which there is a huge gap in the demand and supply chain of qualified human resources. The education system of Nepal, though progressive, has not been able to produce sufficient manpower needed for corporate business in Nepal.

The manpower crunch is causing low productivity to persist in the business fraternity. Most people with experience don’t have theoretical knowledge and youth who have theoretical knowledge lack practical experience. The known truth has led the business to accommodate manpower that is not completely competent.

Our prospective skilled human resources have either escaped the country for foreign employment or for education. They spend their productive period of time outside the country and when they return, the compatibility depletes.

human resources well dressed in suit

Photo: Pixabay

Space for improvement

Focusing only on the quantity of the human resources intensifies the possibility of the company’s knockdown in its early phase of operation or it will result in the realization of the blunder eventually. Despite the existing problems, there are many ways a company can cope up with to minimize the risk of manpower mismanagement, at the very least.

Another aspect of this emerges with the exciting advancements in robotics in the past few years. The technology has increased the chances of robots replacing human manpower. Even though the fear of humans being replaced by machines is imminent, a machine will never outsmart us as they can never think outside the box.

According to an American engineer and entrepreneur, Gordon Moore, just like the computers its processing speed or overall processing power for computers doubles every two years., human resources need to double the work and reduce the effort by the years.

So, a company needs to intensify the thinking of providing required training to the employees to maintain a company’s principles of serving its clients and sustainably strengthen it. It is efficient to improvise whatever a company has rather than getting new alternatives. No matter how bad the situation is, there is always space for improvement.

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