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Saturday – I am up, she is not next to me. My head, argh, it hurts. Perhaps she left for work. She hates her job but yet she drags herself to 12-hour shift every day. My cell phone is dead. I don’t have a track of time.

What happened last night? As I washed my face and glanced at the reflection, last night is playing.  I had thrown her out of our apartment. That woman disobeyed me. I served her right.

She used to argue saying I never saw her for what she is, it is not true. I wanted her to be more feminine, docile and without any opinions. “Classy”, to sum up in one word. There is nothing wrong with that. I am looking out for her.

Last night her fault was to argue with me when I asked her “What is going on between you and my friend?”

Woman, when I am drunk, NO ARGUMENTS. I don’t know how many fights it would take, for her to finally get it.

I am a very kind, successful and gentle guy. Don’t get me otherwise. I love my family and I am very hard-working. But a woman needs to know her place. For some reason, the reflection I see in the mirror is not comforting and I almost feel guilty.

Where did she go last night?

(Rolling joint, thinking) Why did she stay with me for all these years? Did she love me? It’s probably my money and charm. Look at me; I am sexy, young and fantastic. Girls die to be with me, any girl will fall in love with me, even misandrist.

I am a guy with good values and upbringing. I have done nothing to hurt her. She could have stayed quiet. I am sure she has learned her lesson in a night. She will be back tonight.

She must have slept in her car. Oh wait, I threw all her stuff out so not in the back seat. She might have passed out in driver’s seat in some parking lot. She could have just said “sorry” and I didn’t have to be the bad guy. Let me charge my phone now. Sigh.

She is my main chick. I have got a couple side chicks. Monogamy sounds good only in theory. It is a good thing that you can meet more than one woman in life. Look at all our pictures, we are perfect two.

There is this one girl head over heels for me. She is so naïve and foolish. The girl believes everything I tell her. She even deletes all the messages I sent her because I asked her to. (I want to leave no trail) She listens to me. To her, I am the most attractive man. I find her foolish. She is nothing but amusement for me, especially on the days like this.

There is a couple of other girls I sleep with. Two at this moment to be precise, Chinese and Indian. Fucktoys, a guy needs a distraction. Oh no no no, don’t get me wrong. I am not cheating on my main chick. I am not that kind of guy.  These women mean nothing. I just have the problem with being consistent. (Don’t judge me; your guy might be doing the same thing)

I feel like Kanye and I love like Drake. I can even hear what people think. I have this extraordinary sense about people.

I feel her presence in the house; my closet is filled with the clothes she picked for me. She is not here but yet she is everywhere.

Let me put the toilet seat down and take the trash out. Otherwise, there will be WWII.

Where is the air freshener? She hates the smell of the green stuff. It is as if I am sleeping with another woman (wink)

A week has passed by, she is not still home. She blocked me from Twitter, Facebook, phone, and Instagram. I cannot believe this. I was right, my instinct was correct, she was cheating on me. She found someone else and left me.

“You’re gonna miss me when I am gone”, she used to sing this song to me, now I know why. I loved her all along and this is what I get in return?

I drove past her work, she looked vibrant and exuberant. “Slut”, she is.

I asked her to come back, she said “No”

Can you believe she said “No” to me? Look at her audacity.

There is no way she can be happy without me. No one is going to love her as I do.

I don’t like her friends so now she’s got none. Where is she going to go and confide on?

I wanted to hug her and she ran away from me. As if I am going to hurt her. I have never laid my hands on her. Okay, maybe at times. You need to keep your woman in line. It is justified.

There was a time she was drawn to me like a moth to flame now she is giving me cold shoulder.

I have fought with her, called her names, pushed her away, left her in the middle of the city at midnight and drove away, made her cry, controlled her etc, she remembers all this. It is out of love, she never understands, I do everything for her own good. And I was drunk, how can she hold me accountable for the actions I perform when I am drunk? This girl is out of her mind.

No one will love her the way I do. Nor will anyone fill her in and make her moan in pleasure as I do. Man, I am that good. (Check with my side chicks for reference, wink)

Let me call one of my side chicks. I have been cheated and mistreated by the woman I loved so much.  I am heart-broken and hurt. I need comfort. I need to get laid. I had red flags about her; I should’ve left her long time ago. It is her loss.  As they say in Nepali, “If you have feet you can wear as many shoes as you want”

I am ready to get married and settle down. Do you know anyone “Classy”?

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