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It was delicate & tiny. Protected from everyone, cupped between my palms…my precious. I never gave it to anyone for I cared so much for it, wouldn’t let anyone even glance at it let alone touch it. Scratch-less, glazing and enticing as always…it made me such a proud owner….my precious!
But then you came along with your deceiving smile befriending with lies and false promises. Apprehensive initially, but you convinced me well. I believed your words and gave into your lies.
I handed my precious to someone else for the first time. You held it gently and slid it in your breast pocket of your jacket. I was assured for sure that my precious was protected from this world forever and heaved a sigh of relief. You held my hand intertwining with my fingers and we walked together for a while when all of a sudden you turned around to face me.You took out my precious from your pocket while I watched confused, and then you smashed it on the road. It numbed my mind for a fleeting moment for I couldn’t even believe what happened a while ago. I shrieked and led out a desperate cry for help. You turned your back to me and then started walking forward. I yelled out and asked with despair why you broke my precious. But you wouldn’t even look back. Hell-struck and shocked I screamed and screamed and screamed…..

You had taken me a long way along and I couldn’t go back to from where we started because I had lost my way. I stood there knowing nothing  to do next. Then I knelt down rubbing my tear-smeared cheeks and started picking up the broken pieces of my precious. It was smashed so bad that some of the pieces were crushed to powders and I couldn’t even glue them back. I collected all the pieces and swept the powders too with my palms, trying to take every bit I could. It ached me for I knew my precious was broken and I couldn’t have another one ever. I put the pieces in a polythene bag and started treading an unknown path while I heard the clinking of the pieces of my precious as I moved.

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