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Photo Credit: Zeepack , from Flickr.

An asymptote can meet the axes at infinity. The two parallel lines intersect at infinity and finally, the hidden answer of something divided by zero is “infinity” itself. That means anything is possible at infinity. Here, anything means “anything”. All these things may seem a little impossible. I mean, if we think on a surface level, how can two parallel lines intersect when they are actually parallel. Well, Mathematics and Science explains it very well.

Wondering about the possible things that could happen in this Universe, I figured out that anything can happen in the universe with the help of Science and Mathematics. Now, how is universe related to Infinity? Well, to define a universe, it is a never-ending place where everything that we see and everything that we imagine in located inside Universe. Even if you imagine something outside the universe, that still exists and locates inside the Universe. Because that is the definition of Universe. So, Universe is an infinity itself.

Now, at this moment, I would like you to imagine anything that you may or may not think is possible to exist. Just think any crazy thing. Now, the thing that you just imagined is happening somewhere and it has happened and it will happen again and again after every millisecond or after every smallest measurement of time which is again infinity itself. According to Quantum Physics, at this moment, the same person like us, in fact, that same planet like our’s, exists somewhere in the Universe where everything is happening just as right now. That means if you are reading this, thinking it’s nonsense or wondering if it’s really happening or enjoying or anything, there is the same you somewhere at an infinite distance doing exactly like you’re doing right now. But, I did not view this theory only up to this. In fact, if this much can happen the why not another you is playing a football while you’re reading this. Yeah, I know that it’s difficult to assume things that seem completely strange. In reality, Nothings really strange. Everything is normal. It is just our feelings that have made it strange. We are we because of our feelings and it’s true we can’t deny it because we can’t stop being human. There’s a lot of mystery in this universe that is yet to be discovered and we have to be ready for it.  We have to think that anything is possible.

Now, let’s get back to our actual topic. For this, I am going to ask you to do the other thing. Just look at any side of the place you’re sitting. Maybe, in the ceiling or in the windows if you are sitting in the room or may be at the ground or the sky if you’re somewhere in the park. Well, it doesn’t matter. Just look at anywhere you want. Now, At an infinite distance from where you are looking, there is an alien, another you, another earth, or the strange thing you just imagined. It doesn’t matter which side you look, infinite impossible things are happening at infinite distances. Look around you and realize that everything is infinite, from time to distance to another you, it’s all infinite. I believe the fact that I am an infinite distance from myself. Maybe, this same earth with the same kind of people has been existing infinite times in the infinite interval of time. Maybe, this whole thing is in an infinite loop. Maybe you are living in this universe from infinite times again and again. Everything that I said may not be true or correct but it’s just that my mind has been thinking about this a lot just like other’s think about ice-creams or their future or their jobs or their loved ones. Maybe, I have been writing these things for infinite times. Maybe there are infinite ones just like me, writing the same this at an infinite distance from me and maybe it’s happening after least minimum time (- infinite). Everything is in a loop. There is infinite everywhere.


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