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King Birendra was born on Dec. 28, 1945. He was crowned king in January of 1972 after his father King Mahendra died. Birendra’s grandfather, King Tribhuvan was crowned the king of Nepal with the helps of India after the century long Rana’s ruling came to an end in Nepal.

He was charming , smart and was the eldest son of his parents. He had two younger brothers, King Dhirendra and King Gyanendra. King Gyanendra is the last known King of the Nepal, who is currently living as a citizen of Nepal after the monarchy was thrown out.

King Birendra was a very popular King in Nepal. He is still remembered for his kindness, humbleness and being a visionary king who sacrificed for the goods of Nepali citizens.He also divided the country into five development regions, and “development” became the ideology of the state.

King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev died at the age of 55 during the Royal Massacre. He was the world’s only Hindu king and was considered by his followers to be an incarnation of the god Vishnu.

Here are top 5 quotes of King Birendra :

“The people ask us for hygienic drinking water, roads, schools, and hospitals, not for democracy.”– Birendra

“She(America) is also regarded as a nation committed to respecting a man and his dignity”- King Birendra

“Nepal has always sought understanding and co-operation from our friends and neighbors.” – King Birendra

“I have sought that the minimum of basic needs must not be denied to people anywhere in the world.” – Birendra

“Modern Technology has reduced distance and joined us all in a family of nations”- Birendra

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