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An Irish national, Charlie has been living in a suburb of Kathmandu since more than a decade and practices commercial dairy and organic farming. He is popularly known as Charlie Baba and his story is an inspiring one to the youths of Nepal. Just like organic farming, there are other business ideas that can be started with a minimum investment. In this article, we will try to list and define some of the Small Business and Investment Ideas in Nepal.

List of Small Business and Investment Ideas in Nepal


Blogging is an easy way to earn in today’s digital world. There are so many famous bloggers who earn a decent amount of money monthly without really working for others. You can start a blog on a specific topic by registering a domain and buying a host for your website. Once you register your domain, you can create your website on “WordPress” by yourself or by hiring some developers. Once you have got it ready, feed content to your site.

The specific topics can be related to travels, short stories, poems, recent news, sports, Nepali culture, music, culinary tips, cosmetics, technology, science, educational and so forth. Once your website starts getting hits, you can apply for Google AdSense and monetize it and also call for advertisers to advertise from your website.


Also known as video blogging (“vlogging”), being a YouTuber is similar to blogger. Instead of text related content, you post videos content on YouTube. Since last, the trend for vlogging has increased exponentially.  While some YouTube make enough cash money, there are some famous YouTubers who earn millions of dollars a year.

In order to be a professional YouTuber, you can create your YouTube channel and monetize it. Monetization is similar to blogging where you should apply for AdSense, a program run by Google. If your channel meets the requirements of AdSense, videos you post on YouTube starts getting ads, and that’s how you make money. There is a wide range of topics just like in blogging, which you can choose from while creating videos.

Small Business & Investment Ideas in Nepal

Social media Influencer:

Today, every business is in either Facebook or Instagram or both. These social media have been part of the lives of the people. So, marketing on social media is what these restaurants, boutique, gift shops do. And you know what, you can exploit this platform and turn it into a business. How can you do that?

Well, create a Facebook page or start a food blog on Instagram and make a strong local fan base through your content. Doing this will garner the decent number of followers and likes which will be an ideal platform for other small business to advertise on. Actually, there are some popular local Facebook pages over a hundred thousand likes and an Instagram page with tens of thousands of followers who are earning decent cash.

Tuition center:

Apart from the tech-related small business ideas, investing in tuition centers is highly rewarding. As a matter of fact, the education system of South Asian countries is highly pushing students to fetch tuition center. You can either provide tuition to the students up to high school or start the ones for undergraduate and the master’s levels. In addition, if you’re qualified enough you shouldn’t hire an extra tutor, hence saving an expense. However, hiring a tutor is not a bad idea as some tutors have a reputation for being a successful one. In either way, this is one of the booming small businesses in the country.


Yes, you heard that right. Freelancing is another flourishing business in Kathmandu and major cities of Nepal. The world is more connected than ever because of the internet. Today, you can work for a drafting company in Europe or in the States just from your room with a laptop and an internet.  What I am talking about is more like a business approach to this practice than just by doing individually. This means you can hire skilled people just like you and set up a freelancing company. Some of the popular freelancing businesses are in the field of IT, copy editing and so forth.

Small Business & Investment Ideas in Nepal

Street food:

Kathmandu seems crammed with restaurants which are established with high investment. If you don’t believe in paying the costly rent on a monthly basis, starting a street food stall is the best idea. Actually, people love it. These stalls can be seen in every downtown in Kathmandu and one of the popular small business and investment ideas in Nepal. And the best thing about is that you can just open this after four in the afternoon when people return their homes from school, offices and their workplace.  Furthermore, you can sell your own signature food so that you’ll make some loyal customers.

Organic farming:

Well, don’t get startled by seeing organic farming. Though it sounds as if it requires a massive investment, it doesn’t. There are so many unused lands inside Kathmandu valley which you can hire in within-a-budget amount for lease depending on how many years you want to use it. The lands you get in a lease can be used for organic farming of vegetables which have popular demands on the market. Actually, you might be contacted by popular malls and other outlets for your organic products because the demand for it is super high. But the best thing is to form your own client base and an outlet which ensures massive ROI.

Small Business & Investment Ideas in Nepal


People around the world love food, and some even have the love for baked items. Some love baking, and some love eating it. So, baking is another trending small business idea for beginners. If you are someone who love baking for your family and friends, then this job is for you.

You can start by making any small food items like small muffins, cupcakes, cakes, pastries, cookies, just anything that it easy to make and you are good at. You can also be creative and make your own signature dish with some exciting twists. For example, adding some sprinkles, letters or even messages or love notes. Your creativity in this game can give you a great amount of money. If the career is not taking off as you predicted you advertise it online and also ask help from your friends to promote it (see Social media Influencer or Blogging).

Small Business and Investment Ideas in Nepal baking

Photo: Unsplash/ Jelleke Vanooteghem

Baby sitting:

Baby sitting is another famous and suitable jobs for beginners. If you have a good rapport and can take good care of them, this job can be a heaven-sent job for you. This task is not so complicated as you can start this business at home with some friends or volunteers for decent amount of money. You don’t necessary have to invest a huge amount of money. Also, it does not consumes too much space to either.

You can simply start of by taking care of few babies (only as many as you can handle) at your home or at the children’s playground area. It will just require your time to take care of them for few hours and earn a bit of money. You can start it as your own business too. You’ll get to enjoy hours looking after small babies and playing with the kids. If you love them, it can take a minimum effort to do it.

Becoming a makeup artists:

If you are a person who is a makeup lover, than this job could be for you. It is a creative business idea for beginners because makeup is all about skills and creativity. You don’t need a lot of experience in this as it mostly requires experimenting and having fun. Just basic knowledge of all the makeup (and kits) along with the tips and tricks.

If you not really good at doing others’ makeup, then you should start off by practicing on your friends or family so you can boost your skills up. After you’ve become somewhat decent, start by offering your services to your relatives, neighbors and advertise it online. This business idea is easy and can make you a great amount of money. You can start your small business and have some fun at the same time.

Small Business and Investment Ideas in Nepal makeup artist

Photo: manucamargo

So, those are the 10 most promising and feasible small business ideas for you. Hope, you’ll start one and share your success stories. Please do let us know in the comment section if you know any other small business and investment ideas in Nepal.

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