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This is an open letter to the one whom I can’t love back,

Firstly, I want to apologize to you & sorry for being (brutally) honest. Maybe I have become a villain in your life, from the day I have denied you. Yes, it hurts to be ignored & rejected, but, everything we want can’t be ours.

It actually hurts when you put all your efforts to grab attention & to find love from the person who isn’t interested in you. You have done things and said words, which I had secretly wished someone would do for me at least once in my life and make me feel special & grateful for that.

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But just to get that I can’t fake love & feelings. Maybe, you have ignored someone for me and I have ignored you for someone while someone has ignored me for another one. These (virtual) feelings can be enjoyed for sometime but we can’t hold on to them for a lifetime. In this world where everyone is willing to be loved, you were there to fulfill all the promises, with all your heart. But I don’t want to give you in false hopes.

I am sure you’ve spent times thinking why I am so cold towards you & may be even cursed me for that. You have been tagged as the ‘friend-zoned guy’ in social media posts. Your friend had me bad, called me names they shouldn’t have, just to make you get out of it. You feel that I have insulted you. But, hitting hard you with truth is more important to me than comforting you with lies.

Often times I questioned myself, “Why I am being so harsh and cold with you ?” It hurt me being called selfish, a heart-breaker, rude, full of attitude, and so on. But, I seriously never really felt guilty about that because I was honest from my side.

Life goes on. You deserve the one who is genuine to you & for that you should be away from distractions like me.

I hope this open letter finds you well. Hoping for best in your life. I always will be your well-wisher.

Not every stars in the sky can be loved as the moon & everyone has to understand this.
Everyone has their own destiny and fate has already been decided. Ignorance is good for some new acceptance. Hope you will understand this.

And sorry but not sorry.

One who can’t love you back

(Written by: Yashshri Khatri)

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