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People fall in love every day. It’s not like we plan on falling in love and it comes to us. Love doesn’t work that way. Butterflies in the stomach aren’t all that’s there about love. Living together happily ever after isn’t all that’s there about love. Love isn’t just four words which remind us of heart shaped balloons and red roses. Love is so much more that all that. Love is everything from waking up to sleeping with that one person in your heart, whether they’re right beside you or 5000 miles away. Whether you talk every day or don’t talk at all.

If only we’d stop for a minute and look into whom we love and who loves us, there’d be more love and less hate in this world. If only we’d accept the love and appreciate it, we’d probably live longer. I wish we would not deny the fact that we love someone. This is all just good when I write it but I wish our hearts would gather enough courage to express love. I wish we did not have to suppress how we feel about someone and just go ahead and tell them. I wish we did not expect the same love would come back to us because love doesn’t always have a boomerang effect. Not all of us as lucky and that’s perfectly fine.

But we live in a world where people give up on each other so fast that if there ever was a competition on who gives up easily, there’d be thousands flocking in to win it. Why do we give up without thinking for a second? Why do we never consider holding on? Why do we wait for the right moment when the moment is right whenever we want it to be? But most importantly, why are we scared of telling someone we love them?  Why does love have to be a secret?

Featured Image: Benson Kua

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