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We all go through different stages of an awakening at a point in our life. It’s better to give up a fucked up life now than later. For a man who takes his music seriously, here’s an excerpt of one of my favorite songs of all time.

Yes there are two paths you can go by but in the long run,
There’s still time to change the road you’re on
Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin

Imagine yourself listening to everyone and taking their advice. You might think you’re having a productive life. 40 years into your life when you’ve had lots of money and had kids, you might realize what you’ve never done something you want. Society does that to you. They narrow it down so their work is easier. An unstable society does not like change especially when the people on the top of the wealth chain are benefiting from you. Do you think of yourself as a free-thinker, do you?

As I’ve been told, 20’s are for you to make mistakes and 30’s are for you to try to fix it. You should realize it sooner than later that you can try your best to change the world, but it is up to the listener to grasp what you’ve said and done and act on it for themselves. You’ll grow increasingly frustrated if you think it’s your responsibility to change the world because it isn’t easy. We never change; we only grow.

Before we speak for everyone, we need to know that we might have gotten ourselves out of a conundrum but not everyone can get out of it. Some are less privileged than others. The world was never equal and never will be. It is not a smart thing to fight for equality but to learn to live understanding the fact that we have to live with whatever has been pitched to us since birth. For life to have a balance, we need to compromise and understand each other. An argument does not solve anything. Sympathy doesn’t bring in change, but empathy does. Is the world empathizing enough? It barely is.

A concrete jungle is a trap you will never get out of. It is a place where money is valued over anything else. We stop thinking about love and we feel it when we lose it. We cry when we are put in a grave circumstance for which we are responsible. Perhaps it is because we have lost communication with nature and the true essence of life that we are always sorrowful. I hope to do something about it and it is a path everyone must take. I might influence you or I may not, but I can guarantee you that the experience you have in following me will be different from the experience I’ve had.

Everything we see is how we perceive it and how we assimilate. Everything else is forgotten.

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