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I am a book person. I don’t really like watching movies. It’s probably because halfway through the movie I either get bored or end up crying. There, I said it. Movies make me cry. I know it’s stupid but well there’s not much of a choice if you are an emotional wreck.

But there are a few which I loved and can watch over and over again, which includes Transformers and Fast & Furious series. It clearly shows how much I love action figures and not romantic flicks. I hate romantic movies. They make me sad and I end up curling myself into a ball and cursing my love life, which I don’t have. I also have a thing for movies about sports and sportspersons. From The Damned United to Coach Carter and Ice Princess to 42, I loved each and every sports-related movie, probably because I’m into sports. They are inspiring, heartwarming and make us believe in ourselves.

Then there are the Disney movies. Who doesn’t love them? Not just the animated ones, but all the Disney movies ever made, are too good to be true. From the classic Beauty and The Beast, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs to the 21st century Tangled, Brave and Frozen. I enjoyed them all. Hannah Montana the movie, Camp Rock, Lizzie McGuire the movie, High School Musical series, and Sky High are also some relatable movies as they showcase the importance of friendship and togetherness.

Besides the above-mentioned movies, the ones inspired by books and real life events are good too. When I was in school, we had really cool foreign teachers who made us watch movies like Charlie and The Chocolate Factory & James and The Giant Peach after they’ve read the books out loud in the class. We even had brownies baked by our lovely teachers as the movie snacks. So cool no?

But being a girl, I’ve watched a few girly movies too. Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, Parent Trap, Princess Diaries, Cinderella Story, Prince & Me, The Perfect Daughter, If Only, 16 Wishes, What A Girl Wants, Raise Your Voice and Angus, Thongs & The Perfect Snogging. Then there are the movies about dancing and all. Step Up series, Stomp The Yard, So You Think You Can Dance, Bring It On are few movies related to dance which are universally nice, so I’ve watched them too.

Oh well, it may seem like I’ve watched a hell lot of movies, but trust me, this is nothing. Check out my list of 25 sports based movies. This isn’t even normal movie watching rate. There are people who hit the cinema halls every week to watch the movies. It’s weird but maybe that’s what they like so don’t judge them. And, if you want me to watch any movie, let me know!