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April 26, 2015, Houston, Texas

Nepalese in Houston gathered in downtown, Houston today to light candles in vigil for beautiful lives lost in Nepal due to the deadliest 7.8 Magnitude earthquake. Despite the drizzling rain, Nepalese showed up in hundreds to show their support for the lives lost in motherland.

The death toll has exceeded more than 3000 as of now and thousands have been injured in Nepal since the natural disaster. The candle light vigil provided the opportunity for all the Nepalese living in Houston to come and pray together. The event hosted by Sumi Bhattachan was able to bring more than 100 Nepalese in the ground on such a short notice.

The environment & surroundings were saddened but was also filled with courage and promising words.  Kids with poster and pictures displayed their supporting arts while adult with candles and National Flags displayed emotional eyes and stories in their face.

candle 1

The event began with the guest Marty McVey, board member of US AID speaking for the situation in Nepal & showing his immense effort to the country. His speech was followed by very emotional speech from the Dr. Rupak Raunair. His tearful eyes stunned crowd as all felt the connection of being away from home and not being able to do all the help they can. This has been the haunting feeling for most of the Nepalese abroad including me. We all should do what we can to help our country in need. Junkiri team has vowed to provide as much information as possible to people via social media. Pen has been our strong weapon & we will continue to spread the messages and awareness as we can.

In this heart-breaking tragedy, several social media websites have spread rumors that are not true. “Those rumors only add to the fear and trauma and hence shouldn’t be shared and promoted” says Satish Tripathi, a Nepali living in Houston. Several Nepalese spoke about how help and aid are mainly focused in Kathmandu and several districts outside the valley have seen less or no help or aid. The chaotic situation in NEPAL has had a severe impact to all the Nepalese around the world. Experiencing an earthquake away from home is also very difficult. The constant fear and worry about your loved ones keeps us up all night and that has been the case with many stories here.


Finally, would like to thank Sumi Bhattachan & Nepalese Association of Houston (NAH) for organizing this event. We also like to thank you for the rescue and help team going to America from every country. The constant rescue & help team flying to the small Himalayan country has shown how the world is one big family and how it is always there in need of each other.  If you would like to donate, NAH is doing a fund-raising. There are also other organizations where you can donate. We humbly request that you do your research before donating and make sure to donate to the legitimate organizations that give 100% to the people of Nepal.

P.S. Team of people  are collecting emergency items to be carried by American Red Cross by this Thursday. Details here.


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Jai Nepal!!

Pashupatinath le hami sabai ko kalyan garun!