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Laundry is the term used for clothes that are newly washed or need to be washed. Laundry is a huge part of most of our lives as clothes are associated with them. Many people in Nepal do their laundry at home. Doing laundry at home can take a lot of time and especially if you are busy, doing laundry can be a huge hassle.  If you are one of those people who need properly cleaned clothes but have no time in hand to properly clean the clothes then these Online Laundry Services in Nepal might be a right choice for you.

Many people in Nepal still view laundry services as expensive or waste of money, but laundry services are quite cheap and are very good at doing their job. laundry services can clean and iron any type of clothes without damaging them. If you want to clean your clothes from some well-known services, then here is the list of some online laundry services that you can get your clothes cleaned from.


Nepali dhobi is one of the well-known laundry services inside Kathmandu valley. they claim to first online laundry service in Nepal. They want to provide the best possible service to their customers. They provide their customers with 4 kinds of laundry services. These services are:- wash and fold(which costs Rs120 per kg), wash and iron ( which costs  Rs 150 per kg), premium laundry ( which costs Rs 180 per kg) and dry cleaning ( drying cleaning service’s price vary from a different type of clothes). their pricing is cheap and affordable. They also do home pickup and delivery, and on top of that, they do those for free. Yes, free home pick and delivery, you will just have to pay for the clothes and that’s it.


This Chamkilo is the first on-demand laundry service In Nepal. They are located in Natole – 21, Pulchowk Gabahal Road Lalitpur. Their aim is to improve the lives and bring convenience to our clients they serve. They strive to be the most preferred Dry cleaning and Laundry outfit through reliability in the services they provide. they provide 4 kinds of services:- wash and fold( which costs Rs 120 per kg ), wash and iron ( which costs Rs 165 per kg)premium laundry ( price not specified) and dry cleaning services ( price vary from a different type of clothes). they also provide free home pickup and delivery to make sure that u are just paying for your clothes.


Washmandu another online laundry service provider in Nepal.they are easy of the unique laundry service provider as most of the online service providers do not provide subscription-based laundry service but Washmandu has subscription-based laundry service. This means that instead of laundry every time, you will pay one time and they will clean your clothes for a certain period of time duration.there are three types of subscription plans:- individual ( which costs rs 1600 per month ), family (which costs rs 2500 per month) and big family ( which costs rs 4500 per month). they also claim that you will be saving lots of money by taking these subscription plans. And other than that, they provide wash and fold laundry services and wash and iron laundry services.

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