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Parasmani ~ the touch of yours turns iron into gold or anything into gold ~ how can I not choose to turn into gold for the single touch of yours?

Here we are again~ the bank of Sunkoshi welcomes us. You can call me “Sunkeshari” today ~ the eternal princess, as the golden rays of eternally glowing sun has lighted up my hair today. Something is special today I feel ~I look in the mirror of the flowing Sunkoshi and try to fix my hair, put a veil because I want to keep you waiting to see me, feel me and praise ~ beautiful me~ today? The face glows today because it is the first day of my womanhood. The moment is just that I have just left my childhood back and have taken a step forward to become a woman, your woman. One thing is to be done by you~ the unlocking of my womanhood, without which I can’t move forward.

The morning is growing slowly with the sky turning crimson and rosy. The sun is spreading its color all over the sky and it feels like the sky is menstruating for the first time. The sun has just arrived and washed its crimson face into Sunkoshi and is slowly and gradually turning golden.  The sky glows with the golden sun now. Just like at the sight of yours, my face transforms into rosy. You can get a new reason to tease me, your cheeks are rosier than the above sky, you might say. But I want you to notice the eyes which are equally red because I have not slept the night before. It was you who kept me waiting in the moonlight while I yearned to walk with you.

I yearn, I have been yearning the sight of yours. To see you is what I expect. While I see you, I close my eyes with an acute shyness because I learn the fact that you are also looking at me inside the veil. The flowing Sunkoshi dazzles me up and I again see us standing at the other opposite ends of the river. My eyelids lie down, I want to see you and I can’t see you at the same time. I can only see your image in the flowing river, while I feel you are staring at me. Did you have that courage to stare at me, I am shocked? What are you up to today, I am surprised? I want to cheat you. Cheat you to look at you, to see you, to feel you, to touch you. The feeling kills me. It gives pain but it is sweetest that I am feeling.

Today, you are daring ~ I can see you crossing the eternal Sunkoshi ~ breaking away the boundary that existed between us. Today, there is something special~ you are powerful, you are intense ~ I cheat you and look at your eyes, they are furious today. Parasmani , you are coming to me ~ I am excited, nervous, happy, sad, fearful, trembling, smiling, crying, screaming ~ all at the same time ~ my pulse is high ~ the blood is furiously running. You finally decided ~ you decided to touch me ~ to let me touch you. Parasmani ~My touchstone ~ you are making me glow today ~ you are unlocking the path of my womanhood.


You are so close ~ I can feel the hot air passing through you as it touches me ~ It ignites me ~ I open my veil but I cannot open my eyes ~ I cannot speak a word~ the whole body is numb ~ It is waiting for your touch…

And you,

And you speak ~ my ears get blessed ~ I am bound by love ~ My love ~ I love you ~ I am bound by your love ~ I can’t turn you into the piece of faulty gold. I am bound by your love ~ your love

Parasmani ~ how can I not choose to turn into gold for the single touch of yours?

Image by: JW_waterhouse

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