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She’s by my side. Semi-covered in the bed sheet, staring at the ceiling. She’s hot, as in hotheaded. She’s got temper and tantrums, attitude and arrogance. It’s reflective.  However, the light in her eyes and curves of her lips are drawing me in. She is talking, from politics to books, from friends to music and movies about travel and places, relationships, heartaches, failures, success, and celebrations.

Okay, my head is hurting. Let me rewind.

Saturday night, casually hanging out with my boys. The usual scene, club hopping. She was there. And I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. She was wearing a reddish coral dress, hence the analogy of fire. Drinks after drinks and dance after dance. Infinity kisses and next thing I know we are walking on the streets of New York City.

1 a.m. and we are walking around the city. A hot summer night. I pull her closer to me; she smells amalgamation of sweat, alcohol and some expensive perfume. Pungent yet desirable.  Ah! Women are such intriguing creatures.  This is the summary of my Saturday night from dancing floor to my bedroom. Or for the most part what I remember.

I feel like I know her. This isn’t the first time we are meeting. Her voice sounds so sweet and familiar.

“There are endless possibilities, you know”, she exclaimed. Tucking her hair in and pulling it out. Again caressing her hair strands and smiling. It seemed as if she is fascinated with her own thoughts.

“Oh my boobs”, she stretched past me to grab my t-shirt lying on the floor. It fit her like a dress, streets lights are peeping through my blinds. She looks as if she is basking in the spotlight and I am her audience.

She is sitting across me, flipping her hair and now she’s applauding in joy.

“I mean I know a prince is not going to show up at my door with a shoe or in a horse but then again, what if he does?  I believe in magic, you should too.”

I can’t hold any longer. I can’t bear the distance. My feelings are flooding.  I am fascinated by something so simple. I bridged the gap between our lips and sealed it with a kiss. A kiss so deep, so passionate. I have this deep desire to make her mine. Time seems to have paused and it is just me and her. I want to glue myself to her. Insane!

I feel like I am drugged and high. A girl, talking about Cinderella is giving me trips. Insane, seriously insane.

I absolutely adore her. I want to love her till my bones hurt, my universe is now revolving around her. Her expressions, the way she says “You know” and shrugs off her shoulder, raises her eyebrows, nothing but magnetic. Her charm is engulfing my senses.  SOS

I am picturing her as my wife. Buying that 5 bedroom house, she knocked up with twins, raising kids together, disagreeing and giving up just to make her happy. I am getting chills.  She is my Princess. She’s the one I have been waiting for. She looks so calm and resolved with a hint of flavor. Dream Girl.

She’s playing all these songs from YouTube and dancing in my bed, with nothing but my t-shirt on.

Is this even real?

8 a.m., alarm beeps. I am awake; I have a semi-naked girl curled up in my shoulder.

Last night was the best night ever. I feel like I am in love or something similar.

“Should I wake her up?”

“Should I whip her some breakfast?” God, I don’t know.

“Good Morning”, she smiles.

My princess is beautiful. I have this immediate desire to marry her and make her mine. I am going nuts.

She kisses me on my cheeks. She’s getting dressed.

I am still wondering what I should do next.

She says she has to go. I am walking down with her. I kissed her our last kiss. She got inside the taxi; my heart ached while I wave her goodbye.

It hit me; we never exchanged our names or number.  F*** me! AArgh!

Still after months later, I am pining for her and on a rampage to find my Princess. Do you fit in the shoe?


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