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Hi everyone this is my first ever post. As mentioned in the topic I’m here to tell something about sexual harassment and abuse almost every woman go through. Yes, every woman have experienced sexual harassment but not everyone realize. Getting catcalled like’ Hey beautiful look at here I’m right here’ or getting phone calls by someone regularly beyond your comfort level is also considered as sexual abuse.

But here I’m talking about physical assults many girls have experienced by their own family member, friends, relatives or anyone they know. I myself was harassed by my own brother. Yes I was able to go against him but not everyone has confident to act against these behaviours. Let me ask you, Who is responsible for their silence? Yes, ITS US. We, the society is responsible for all those little innocent girls for not being able to raise their voice against the people harassing them. Base on my experience, i knew that whenever a girl gets harassed she starts to feel insecure about everything and starts getting scared of every single person she sees. If she thought of telling someone she will firstly tell all these to her mother or sister. But because of fear of getting insulted in society, even the mother forces her to keep it down.

So, my question is, Why do we even have to talk about these with everyone and start judging the girl and family? Why can’t we just help them to take a step forward but not backward? Why do we have to ask about what happened and how it happened to the girl who is already scared? Why can’t we just talk with her normally without seeing her as a victim? We do everything to make them more uncomfortable and depressed because we are too curious to know whats going on in others life without thinking how they will feel.

When a girl gets harassed or in other word raped by someone within her family, suddenly the members of the family starts to normalize everything. When we see these cases in other places everyone gets angry and starts to decide punishments for the guy who did it but what about your own family? Why is your daughter forced to stay quiet just because the criminal is your son? Why don’t you even try to understand your daughter? Why can’t you see she is suffering from depression and is in suicidal stage? Why can’t you see that your own daughter is starting to hate you for ignoring her? And when she goes against you, you blame her for being a bad seed. No, you made her a rebel. Its your fault.

Just wanna say, please listen to girls around you look after them and try to understand their feelings. And please don’t ignore anyone who says they are in suicidal stage.

                                                                          thankyou for reading

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