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IT a short form for information technology, is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. And it is one of the brightest career choices for future generations. And if you want to try your hand in this sector, here are top IT jobs in Nepal which have lots of possibilities as a career.


Put simply, System Analysts perform a feasibility study of systems. Feasibility study means to analyze something to uncover its weakness and possible ways to make it better and stronger. Jobs of the system analyst is to make software requirements specification based on the demand of the stakeholder. They have to analyze the problem, form a solution, recommend the software developer according to the research to meet the business’s needs. this profession has an excellent scope in the context of Nepal.


They are the ones who are responsible to design a website. They are very different from web developers as they do not develop or application or functionality of a website but decorates it using graphics and different art to attract customers and viewers. An experienced and capable Web Designer should be skilled in using Adobe Photo-shop or Fireworks, HTML or CSS, and JavaScript or JQuery. Web Designers are usually expected to be artistic as well so that they can create attractive websites and interfaces. They have excellent scope not only in the context of Nepal but in every part of the world. This profession is especially lucrative because you can work independently and from home.


A software developer is a person who is responsible for developing software for its client, who may be a company or an individual. a software maybe freelancer who make software for not only one person but anyone who hires him/her or work under a company. Skilled software developers are expected to have good programming, problem-solving and analytical skills. Software developers can choose any development platform among VB.NET, Delphi, Java, Visual Basic (VB), and Oracle Business Intelligence, to name a few.


A Web Developer is accountable for the development of websites and web applications. They are the ones using all the logic and reason while making a website. Due to this, they are very different from web designers who mainly rely on their creative skills to embellish a website. Web developers can choose amongst a wide array of programming languages as a development platform, namely: PHP, ASP.NET, ASP, JSP, Perl, and Ruby on Rails. There is a massive scope of PHP and Asp.Net in Nepal. A lot of software companies choose PHP as a development platform for its open-source programming framework. Furthermore, PHP web developers can gain expertise in popular open-source software like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc.


It is the head of the project who manages and supervises all the people who are working in the project. They are the one who is responsible for executing an assigned project. They co-ordinate the project related communication with clients and lead the development team and distribute the work between the project team, track the progress of the projects, evaluates and reviews the progress of the project, and sees the project through until it is completed and handed over. In the context of Nepal, becoming a Project Manager is a great career path to follow, whether looking to join a software company or any other kind of company.

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