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Nepal Remained Closed but Twitter Remained Open: The level of seriousness could be different in every situation and could be anything ranging from normal to life threatening. Some student might’ve prepared to give the most important exam of his life, or someone could have their job interview scheduled. And how would that particular person feel when they wake up all prepared, only to find out that THEY‘ve called for a “Nepal Bandh?” Well, certainly, not good. And on the other hand, certain business companies also lose millions when the market closes for a day, affecting in nations both national and international incomes.

So what is the point of Nepal Bandh if it’s doing more harm than good? People are not happy. The whole point of having “Political Leaders” is to drive a nation to peace and prosperity. If that’s too much to ask for, maybe we don’t need them anymore.

While Nepal remained closed, twitter remained open; the new generation on twitter share their words on Bandh. Obviously, nobody is happy about it and everyone has the same question,”What for?”

bandh 2

bandh 3

bandh 4

bandh 5

bandh 6


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