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 2018 is going to be a complicated year. Here’s why. I had resolutely resolved to not have any resolutions this year. My reason was, at this stage in life, you don’t have resolutions; you have checklists. But as the first month of the year is wearing down, my mind has been nagging me to set some resolutions, anything. Now here comes the complicated bit. As much as my mind craves some kind of list to work at, it also doesn’t want to be too hard on me. However, it also knows that it has been much too lenient on me these past years. Whatever I did, or failed to do, I’ve always found myself saying, “It’s Okay”. Now, it’s time to to change that a bit.* (*T&Cs applied)

 Let’s start simple.

Drink lots of water. It’s, according to all Mums, the remedy for every ailment. It might mean tiring and annoying trips to the bathroom all day, every day but it’s worth it. I don’t know about the health side of the benefits but I know it’s great for the skin and boy, I need some skin boosts. My sister was nice enough to tell me that my skin has been looking bad lately, pigmentation and all. Speaking of skincare, my next resolution is to not neglect SPF. Australia hasn’t been kind to my skin so far. I am partly to blame for that. I hate sunblock on my skin. As it is, the skin feels icky sticky because of the heat already and sunblock just doesn’t help. Nevertheless, if it’s good for the skin, I have to compromise. I’m not getting any younger anyway.

 Now to the things I need to be lax at. I don’t call myself a fast reader but I manage at least 2 books a month, on average. Some books I might finish in a few days while some might take more than a month. And I’m always hopping onto a new book after I’m done with one. This habit I’m sticking with for the rest of my life. The thing I need to change is that I worry too much if I take a lot of time finishing a book. I worry what people are going to say. People don’t give a rat’s ass what I’m reading, so I need to take it easy. Last year, I changed the habit of giving up on a book if it doesn’t get to me. I am thinking I should also stop hoarding books like I am preparing for the apocalypse that possibly isn’t happening, but I have to take things slowly. Besides, I am planning on buying a new bookcase (bigger) so I will have to cheat on this resolution after all.

Last year, I had tried putting my Instagram profile on private. It lasted a few days before I decided privacy in social media isn’t for me. For one, I am a storyteller; I like telling stories about the places I have been to, things I love doing. Moreover, I have also found that I like people more when they are open about their lives in a balanced manner (which I believe is what I do). Now, my pictures are out there for anyone who cares to see. The question is, are there too many of them? This year, I have decided I will have a go at abstain-ism. Insta-stories have arrived just in the nick of time.

 Also, I am a people avoid-er. I don’t really look people on their faces when I talk, nor do I remember names. I need to work on that. It has proven to be more of a nuisance than convenience lately as I have been forced to adult (bless my heart I’m a late bloomer).

 I might come up with more resolutions as months pass as I am used to, but they just won’t be New Year’s resolutions, just good old Things to do.

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