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Well, obviously you know yourself better than me. Still, I’d like to make few guesses. Now, lets see

  1. The amount of ice cream you consume every day is almost illegal

ice cream

And cry later cause you chubby now.


  1. You think you’re ugly. And you actually are.

mirror ugly

Right?!? RIGHTT?!?!

  1. Nobody knows your true form

Dog Morph

Here’s a little hint; it begins with B and ends with h.


  1. You’re already in a committed relationship……..with your couch

couch love

High Five!! Me too. Except I don’t have a couch. Or, you know, life. *Cries*


  1. You support Donald Trump in this presidential election


Well, that’s what I heard.


  1. Your 38 cats told you not to


Just NO!! K?


  1. You pick your nose….always….in very wrong places

pick nose

That look just gives it all away.


  1. Your very first reaction to a date is..

Not Today

Awesome!? YouTube “Not Todayyy”, you won’t be disappointed.


  1. Steve Harvey is your dating adviser


“It’s Nepal .NEPAL……Oops!! Sorry! LOL”

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