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In past year, many have accomplished a lot or accomplished a little less and some may have lost in some way or the other. We all spent another year trying to know ourselves better and we must have come to conclusions that we do have some bad practice which needs to be altered. Don’t we? Some start the drill right away and some realized it too late and like to switch to good practices freshly in New Year AKA New Year’s resolutions!

Types of resolutions:- Quit smoking, joining gym, exercise more, stop snacking on junk food, wake up early, save money, drink less, lose some pounds, be less aggressive, be punctual, study real hard etc.

Let’s be real and honest with each other it’s really hard to keep up with the resolutions. It may have taken years to develop that practice and its definitely not going to vaporize into thin air in just couple of weeks. Come on it’s hard to not to look at your tempting bad habits. So how do we deal with it? Give up and keep practicing those or else we can actually stick with the resolution we made by taking few easy and crazy steps and actually bring in the resolutions.

1. Don’t come up with too many resolutions. Start with 3 resolutions (max). More than that will be a little crowded (I guess!). Once you overcome those move to next set (it doesn’t always have to be New Year to improve!).




2. Get a pen/pencil and a paper and jot down all the pros you will attain if you start to apply those resolutions. This will help you figure out why it will be great to start those.




3. Paste sticky notes or make some handmade posters telling your resolution. Put them up in places where you spend most of your time (office desk, study desk at home, on walls or back of your doors). This will ensure that you remember what you resolute for.




4. There are some practices you want to change for certain person in your life, well! Imagine there reactions after knowing that you actually are going to finally quit the habit. Put their name and paste a picture down on the paper you made the pros list on. This is going to motivate you to stick to it.




5. This is tech generation so why not include them too so that you stick to your list. Create memo or reminders and let them buzz twice a day for at least a month maybe, just to keep you firm. Once you have control on your temptations you can stop them. This seems a little crazy but trust me it will work!




Make sure you pin up the pros list you made in your best and preferred place and look up to it with positive eye. You don’t have to be embarrassed to let people know what you want to change about yourself. Be proud that you are courageous enough to buckle up and get ready to give up on not so cherished practices.

These are few ways to tackle with not sticking up problem. There may be more ways! I hope it will help you somehow. Let me know your New Year resolution and also share any ideas you have down in the comments.

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