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[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Recently, I visited my birthplace, Phulbari which is in Taplejung district. It’s a beautiful place which comes after traveling through many beautiful places like Illam, Phidim and Taplejung.[/perfectpullquote]

Green is the color of nature as you can only see the green color everywhere with hardworking and beautiful people all around with a beautiful smile. On my visit to Phulbari, I went to only boarding school which was designed to enhance the productivity and to provide the English medium education to the children of local people. Shivalaya English Boarding School is running classes from Nursery to 4 with around 70 students. That was really a great initiative by the local people for their children’s future.

I was really happy to see such of initiative people are doing in those remote areas like Phulbari. I am really impressed by their work so I thought of doing some contribution from my side. Children love to play so I thought of donating some sports kits for a welfare of those innocent kids to the school but due to lack of availability of the sports kits in nearby shops I ended up donation copy and pencils to those beautiful and adorable kids and believe that it will definitely help them to improve their learning. ?

Those adorable kids were very happy about it and their beautiful smile made me feel good and better. It really feels great to help people. You don’t need anything in return, their happiness and enough for you. ?

Here are the glimpses of those moments and photos of those adorable kids and the school:

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