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So how many of us want to be a billionaire? Wait, you don’t need to answer that. Of course, EVERYBODY wants to be a BILLIONAIRE. So how many of us have at least TRIED to think like a billionaire? Not most of us, I guess. That’s why there’s 1% controlling one third of the world’s wealth while the other 99% are trying to figure out if they should sleep an hour more. Even reading this article maybe?

Anyway, the point is, if one wants to be rich, one must at least think like a rich person. So there I was, surfing the web and reading different articles on saving money when I stumbled upon an article on Forbes. It was “Eike Batistas 10 Simple Rules For Becoming A Billionaire .” In case you are wondering, here are those 10 simple rules:

1. “Nobody is happy alone. To share experiences is always a good thing.”

2. “You grown as a person when you face your own challenges, or stressful moments, as I like to say. A good entrepreneur must be prepared to evolve in adversity.”

3. “The good seller is the one who is also a good listener.”

4.“Believe in yourself. If you doubt in yourself, you won’t be able to face your co-workers. Or the market, for that matter.”

5. “Don’t quit on the first adversity. Believe in your intuition, but try to be down to earth as well, paying attention to research and polls.”

6. “Don’t think you are unstoppable or foolproof. Don’t think that the only way your business will work is through perfection. Don’t aim for perfection. Aim for success.”

7. “To have a dream is one step closer to achieving something in life. The difference between the dreamer and the maker, though, is that the latter actually makes it happen.”

8. “Look forward; focus on what people don’t see at first sight.”

9. “Look at a business in all its depth and think of every detail with maximum accuracy and minimum risk.”

10. “Luck is important, as it is part of any project. But luck will only be present when the project is well designed.”


There you go, 10 simple rules to being a rich guy, from a poor guy. Sure, it doesn’t give you any big business ideas or any other ‘ big ideas’ to being a billionaire, but those rules sure are noteworthy. It’s the little things that we do which determines us as a winner or a loser.  Be the change, change the world.

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