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Random thoughts on Life and Our Existence. One truth that we all come with every day is, life doesn’t go the way we wish it to. Why is it so? We are here living collective life. We are one individual and yet we are not one individual. We are single and we are all. By all means as human, our family, friends, people around us that we come across, the shopkeepers, the people we travel with on bus, the people we shop with, the public resources we use for human convenience; the restaurant, the cinema hall, public washroom, the roads that we use to reach for the resources we need and possess.

In life we have people who we are good too, people who are good to us, both ways, then there are people who want us to feel bad, make us feel bad, but anyway that’s the way because life follows duality in nature, it’s not that they are bad or they intend to do so, but our very nature conflict with theirs and they are bound to do so and we invite them to do so. Same is for people who are good to us. Let’s rejoice both. Accept it as it is.

There are so many things that can be thought in life, but what are you going to think on, of course, you can think of anything and many things, so what to think about? The universe wishes us to think too otherwise why would think. So let the universe decide the things that we should think on. And we are doing so without actually realizing. From the beginning of our life, for example, when universe told us to learn to walk, we would throw our legs and show the universe that we are trying to do what it wishes us to do. We would throw our legs lying little on the bed with mom feeding us, taking care of rest of all and we would dream of walking on legs. That’s how life goes on. Each life stage gives us something to think and we think. It’s not about walking, it’s about thinking how to walk. We spend whole life thinking of something and anything.

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So what’s in our control? How do we respond to it? How we manage to collect resource from the surrounding, convert it into thoughts and again make it ours in a way we are told by the universe to think. Again in the process of collection of thoughts, we are taking It from surrounding and hence we live a collective life and since we took it according to the thought we are told to think by the universe, we become an individual.

Memories, we cherish, some hurts, some makes us feel dumb, some we don’t remember those are the happenings that when occurred, we were holding memories of past and hence, we couldn’t be in present and thus we forgot those memories. Hence we repeat memories so much and end up having fewer memories at the end if we repeat the remembrance of memories and not live in the present.

What is the efficient way of storing more memories and thus live a fuller life? It’s a balance between creating memories and recall it in a way so as not to forget. When to cherish memories? It’s when some object or person involved in our memory cross our path. We see them often, some only sometimes, many never. The memory with many, that we never meet again, is learning, some of those memories are the ones that give us company when we are grounded most, hurt most, defeated and not knowing what to do next, then we think of those memories, and attach those to the present emotion and thus we have those memories from past and add emotion to it, to update its existence. The memories with some whom we meet sometime come like weather, similar activities are performed and added with those previous ones similar. The one we meet daily is one with whom we share our life energy. They are our habits, our action, our speech, our action. We share our existence with them and to the rest of others.

Breathe, we breathe in and we breathe out. We pause, we grasp, we excite with surprise, sometimes sorrow, sometimes unable to believe what others do. We breathe and yet every breathe is different. Every breath is contained and shaped by thought and hence our whole life we only think.

So, where thought come from? From cosmos, inside the brain? How do they do it? Cosmos, what’s there? Stars, space, the material or planet that are remains of stars. Stars, those that continuously burn and give energy as they can’t, of course, keep it in them and thus the energy itself goes away from it to others. There are black holes too, which are the hungriest in a way and takes all that they can. So they are the one accepting of all and can’t help but take. Again, it’s not in their control not to take as it is a star for not able to keep the whole energy it with them self but radiate, the duality nature. Then there are planets that witness all happenings. So are the people, they are people who are full of warmth, can’t help to keep with them self and thus are givers, and there are people who are receivers and some are the ones who witness all happenings, the materials.

The brain, consisting of energies like in cosmos, distanced from many like them. There are colonies of energies, small pockets of energies in our skull like stars in cosmos. They are formed, cared and kept on hold in between the stars and black holes, by the materials by then I mean planets. Planets keep these small pockets of energies in between stars and black holes, the one who radiates and the one who receives and both communicate to these small pockets of energies. The communication occurs through the flow of current, that’s directed either by stars or black holes. The stars are givers and they direct us to give, the black holes are takers and they ask us to take. We thus are the one who are always told to do something but are guided by the material, the planet that’s the way how we have control over us. The communicators are the random charge that holds some energy with them and thus every communication strengthens the small pocket of energy. So are the travelers, those who travel the world and hold some energy with them. They make connections between some existing pockets of energy. But there are some who breaks too, they probably are takers that break the connection and thus the existence of such pockets cease. So whenever when someone does not know what to do next, go for travelers, they will make connections to other pockets and are sent from stars, the givers.

How to know and act accordingly as we are told, by the universe? How do we get travelers to us? Our small pockets of energies have a connection to rest of our body i.e. material through the path, the nerve endings that are everywhere. These paths are for receiving travelers. But to receive the travelers the path has to be open, make choice in whom to let in. And the decision is made by breath which is controlled by the emotions and thus the emotions generated in material that’s body which is made of food we eat, the remains of stars as material. Thus, we have control on the choice of which traveler to allow through the choice of food we eat that decided our emotion and hence breathe.

The food we eat is cultivated by us and the collective we, and the remains of a star as material, minerals and all. Thus, we are the collective we and yet we can influence all by one of us, the one individual starts the revolution, the wave of change. Thus we are an individual and the collective we. Both ways we have control. We are controlled by collective we and yet we are capable of originating the wave of change and we can make choice on how are controlled and act and think the whole life. After all the whole life we only think.

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