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“He loves me, he loves me not, Is that what you doing”? A random voice caught me off guard while I was aimlessly plucking petals of a rose.
“You talk a lot for a stranger” I mumbled.
“Well,and I suppose you’re that one person in each party who sits in corner”.
– I ignored him as my hand subconsciously adjusted the hair which kept falling back on my face.
“Those eyes” He smirks. “The big, beautiful, brown eyes, gorgeous”!
Has this man lost it? What is he talking about? Is he complimenting? But why?
“I don’t really have appetite for cheesy men”. I tried to shut him off from further showering adjectives.
“I was talking about my high school sweetheart, Jeez, Woman”.
Nice, You got owned girl, This is why I tell you not to have conversation, Now take your embarrassed ass from here.
-“Ass”. I whispered.
God, No you were supposed to leave girl.
-“I feel appreciated”, He says with a look. ‘The try hard to offend me look.’
Can he get more annoying than this? Ugh!
I punched him twice in my mind. I quickly snapped out of it though cos I am a nice person.Haha.Then I turned around to leave but..
Great, Now you are officially the clown, of this birthday party.
He laughs his gut out before offering help.
-“Girl, You wanna drink some blood?”.
-“Ha, I wish” I punched him again, of course, back in my head.
-” You’re so cold,and look at your skin, its as if someone wrenched all blood out of your system” He said with concern.
I realized conversation with him shielded me from the party inside, I so desperately wished to avoid.
-“I thought only teenagers care about vampires” I played along.
-” I knew it, How are you resisting my aroma, young lady, I mean aroma of my blood”
Ah, Here we go again, the cockiness.
– ” Your blood type is just not my type”
I clenched my jaw while saying it.
I noticed the untied lace. I sit down to tie it.
-“What are you doing”? He ask.
– “Shoe-face” I fumbled.
Girl, Shoe face really? How hard it is to pronounce shoe lace? Get ready to get roasted now.
-“Ouch”. He grins. “I thought I looked better than a shoe.”
” You’re funny” I said.”I’ve to leave. I have this meeting tomorrow and I am just hoping I don’t freak out”.
Yeah, Girl. Tell him where you work already and give him all detail of your life since your birth. Get your shit together, Will you?
“Dont worry, You will do great” he tried comforting.
Why do people think telling not to worry actually helps, I hate to hear that.
– I told him bye and rushed my way back home.
“Hey, I don’t even know your name Miss”, He yelled from behind.
“Vampire, Shoe-face”, I shouted back with same energy.
*Next day at office*
I grabbed the thin, rough sheets and some files. My head felt overwhelmingly heavy and my heart was pounding. I was about to meet the manager of the project.
My heart dropped to stomach. Its him, the shoe-face, He is my boss.What?
– “We will make sure this project is a success, we as team not only have the skills of a human but also of super naturals.” He addressed to the group.
Wait, Did he really say that?
After the meeting, I was standing in the hallway, alone, ofcourse. And There he was with his goofy smile.
– “I am really glad our office hires vampires” He winked.

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