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I was crying. A smooth, gentle, warm hug soothed me. I felt different; something strange but pleasant and that stopped me from crying. New faces and mostly strangers around. Do I know them? Do they know me? Why do they have that smile in their face? They are passing me around. Everyone is making funny faces looking at me. Was I been waited for by all these people? Why do I keep looking at the lady who was the first to hug and kiss me? Can I get back to her arms? She looks desperate too. Her eyes keep following me. She had tears. What do those tear means? She begs to grab me and I fall asleep in her arms.

This doesn’t look like the place where I was before. What a series of strange things. This place feels better than the one before. Who are those two people? They are smaller than everyone else? One of them is crying? Did I do something? She is kissing me and I can actually taste her tears. Why are they telling her to be careful? She is not letting me go. Other one is desperate too. She finally lets the other one have me. Wow she looks happy to see me. Can I get back to that same lady again?

Why do I always have my thumb in my mouth when I wake up? But to be honest it feels good. Wait! No, I don’t want that thing instead of my thumb. Well it is not that bad. Not as good as my thumb but they keep taking my thumb out of my mouth so it might be better for me just to keep that thing in my mouth instead of my thumb. Why do I cry most of the time? Gezzzz I might irritate them but they are so eager to stop me from crying. The lady grabs me and says lots of things. They dont make sense to me but they are so beautiful that i stop crying. Wow how did that happen? Her dialogues are so beautiful and relaxing. I fell asleep again.

Is that all I do? Wake up, eat, drink milk, cry, poop and pee. Most of the time I have found myself either crying or sleeping. And is it what they were waiting for? Someone who is crying all the time and they have to make me laugh with all their efforts? Well, these little things are interesting. I don’t know their names but I like to play with them. Why do those two little humans have same dress? They kissed me for like forever and left. I miss them but not as much as I miss this lady who is with me all day every day and the guy doesn’t seem bad either. He pretty much has something for me every time he has been gone for a while. I like this guy. But the only thing I don’t like about him is that he is around this lady all the time and it hurts when he kisses me. He tries to be gentle, mostly. Is kissing a way to express your love? I guess it is. I started kissing them back. They love it and ask me to do it again and again. They care about me so kiss is the last thing that I can give back. It doesn’t bother me. Except for when these strange people come over and ask me to kiss them. You are not around and you are not the people I see much all day.

One thing I have noticed is that they are vertical and I am horizontal most of the time. Is this normal? Should I try? I will give a try. Jesus it is not as easy as it looks. Wow how can they do it? We will work on that later. I keep failing and they are all laughing. The lady keeps saying the same word. It sounds good. Wait, is that the same word that those two little humans use when they are with the lady? I tried. It doesn’t sound the same but she keeps smiling and kissing me everytime I try to say the word. She loves it. I should try that often. I say that word everytime I look into her eyes. They have tears everytime. Should I stop? Smile with tears in eyes? That’s strange. I think I am getting pretty close to sound like her when she says the word. Man, this is tough; as tough as being vertical. Oh no. really dude? You want to come up with another word when I am having difficulty with the word that the lady wants me to say? I can’t even get close to what he wants me to say. Here came the two little humans. Jesus!!!! They have a word too? One at a time there humans. I will work on all the words but let me focus on the one that the lady wants me to say first. I found myself practicing the word. It just feels so good to say it. I cant wait to tell her. Here she is. “mamu”. Dude that was perfect and look at her expression. She hugs me like never before. Millions of kisses. I am in love with this lady since the day one and I cant help myself but to do anything that makes her happy. I haven’t figured out the tears with smile though.

Let me work on that dude’s word. He seems nice enough. Here he comes. “dadu”. Is he for real? He has tears in his eyes. This dude loves me as much as the lady does! That’s the reason that guy is with the lady coz they have lots in common. Now I know whenever someone has tears in their eyes with a smile in their face, it means they are happy and they adore the person who makes it happen. Let me try and see if the two little humans’ reaction will be the same if I say their word. They are not around. I will wait. Here they come and here comes the tornado of kisses. Let me..let me..oh god I will wait. Are you done now? “didi”, it’s not as difficult as it felt coz the word is similar to the dudes’ word. They kissed me more but no tears with smile? They are crying like I do. Whats wrong? Did I say the word right? I look at the lady and she is smiling. As long as she is happy. I will get back to these little humans later.

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