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Slithering into the bed, she thought of all the wild fantasies that she could imagine. She made sure her well-toned collar bone emitted the fragrance of mild sandalwood. She carefully removed her mascara making sure the smokiness of her eyes was intact, for those were the route to the heaven.

A gush of rosiness surrounded her cheeks as soon as she imagined the tickles, the blisters of her chest, would feel.
She giggled.

She then looked at her recently manicured fingers and moved them to slowly to untie her beautiful curly black hair.

‘A pure beauty,’ she thought.

Painted on 25th May, 2018

Slowly, her smooth pedicured feet started to dance to the beats of her moan.
Her beloved fingers slowly proceeded towards her full, circular bosom to run around her untouched nipples.

“The secret of a woman’s beauty lies in her nipples.
Her untouched nipples.”

She muttered.

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