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Yesterday was mystical, today is real. The fantastic world is dimmed now and it seems foggy. The walk is over and moments are always eternal. While I start reminiscing the walk it gives a chill in my bones. Why were we talking in silence that day?  Somebody had told me silence speaks more than words, it happened so. The silence communicated, bounded the lives together by a weak-strong thread. Weak in the sense, it broke as the tomorrow came and strong in the sense though it broke it bounded us together forever.

The blood in my veins ran so fast, but the feet were slow that day. I can remember the intense flow of blood in the veins, had u felt the same? I can remember that you never looked at me with a straight eye; neither had you spoken a word in my admiration nor you asked how I was feeling. I was burning with an intense passion that day and till today. Yes, I am burning till today like the wax which continues to melt on and on with the flame. You lighted the flame in me ~ the flame of an eternal wait. The flame never stops. It burns on and on, till the eternal. I can never trace the fact that whether you are burning like me or not?

I tried hard to stop myself even while we were walking in the moonlight trying to reach the Goddess of love ~ the great Mayadevi, but helpless I could not stop a bit. Had you noticed, I was flowing on and on. Were you feeling the same? Do you remember our stupid talks of nothing? Do you know the fact;  nothing is the mother of all? Nothingness creates. It created a story of us, a story that will be eternal with the words.

I was drunk! It was you who gave me 3 glass of clean red wine while you were having orange fanta in a plastic cup. Now, you ask me if you could smoke–  The peculiar style of your smoking the only half cigarette, believe me, had killed me. I was gazing the moon where your image was reflecting. I was gazing at our shadow, while we were walking. But I could never utter a word. I could not look straightly into your face. Nor, could I hear the words you spoke internally. You were silent verbally. Did not fanta work anything on you, like the wine did to me?

We were set to go the Goddess who was waiting to embrace us. But we happen to embrace ourselves in the street lighted up by the golden stars and shiny moon. For a moment, the world behind us was ignored, everything was forgotten and everyone was forgotten. We did not even realize that we were never meeting again in life.

Now, when I am back to the reality of life– the reminiscence of the starry night, the sublime sky, the moonlight, the straight road, the empty chair and the eternal walk, the embrace and you– it kills me.

This Armenian-English song is killing me. This guy’s voice makes me go mad at times. Plus, the memories make me high. Meanwhile, Scorpions scream in my headphone saying you and I, while I am typing on this HP laptop. They say “You and I just have a dream, To find our love a place, where we can hide away, You and I were just made, To love each other now, forever and a day“

I wish we could walk till the eternal but we are bound to be apart forever


Featured Image: Freia, from Das Rheingold, with the tree of golden apples

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