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Imagine a colossal — a frosty swamp that does not have an end. With a pathetic endeavor, you raise your head to see the end. However, it is so powerful that no matter how hard you try to struggle, the swamp swallows you more. Our world is a cruel swamp which is fed and expanded by pain, poverty, starvation, and racism.For many of

For many of us,  utopia is just a fairy tale we tell small children to keep their last sources of innocence alive. Yet, my utopia is somewhat achievable and practical. As an individual, I want to be useful to the world. Unlike the song, I don’t want to be another brick in the wall. I should paint my own character and world to the empty canvas. I should be the one choosing the colors. And, my teachers should be the ones who teach how to draw.

Albert Einstein’s famous quote comes to mind: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” If Einstein’s words hold true, then our current education system is wasting a considerable amount of resources trying to stick flounders into forests.

I believe if every individual in this world is given equal time and resource to do what they want, burglary, terrorism, and crime will only remain words in the dictionary. Our education system today has not encouraged me to find my passion; instead, I must go through searching in this journey alone and afraid. I want my utopia to be a place where teachers teach and guide every subject equally and help students to find their passion rather than asking them to find the value of “x” every time. I want my utopia to be a place with unbiased teachers, unbiased parents, and an unbiased society.I want every Dad in my utopia to respect his musician son, and his engineer son, “equally”.

And lastly, in my utopia pizzas will be free of cost!

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