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A wind passing through us was separating us, we were burning inside with a fire so hot ~in the darkest night on earth. We walked through the pines ( may not be pines) , in between a nicely paved road which was now being cooled with the serene moonlight. Thousands of feet must have stepped over the road that leads straightly to the temple of  the goddess of love  ~ What were we thinking when we were silently walking when the stars were showering the light along with the moon which was working more than a torch light. It was almost dark and we were walking so unknowingly~ I in my own way of my dreams~ Stepping over each petal of dreams and moving ahead to the goddess of love.

But something stops me. I feel annoyed. I fight with myself with something burning in my heart. Nervousness had gripped me, my head. But the soul was fighting to walk more and directed the feet “Walk- Walk” you have to reach the place where the Goddess was welcoming with an open arm to embrace.

Maybe his soul directed the same. He was faster than I was.

The wind between us starts to blow very fast, just like the fast breath I was inhaling. I was trying to catch his pace of walking. He walks silently does not look at me. He was two steps ahead of me. I could see him, his figure in so black and white  in the starry night. The sublime starry sky could inscribe our walk there but in the morning it will bid a good bye ~the very morning we also had to bid a goodbye to the road which we had stepped thousands of time.

We changed the direction~ from the small cute muddy house a tasty smell of alu and pyaz was coming. I happened to peep inside it and felt so homely there. But we decided to walk again. There were few lampposts now showering the warm light on our feet.

Now, he was not ahead ~ we were walking side by side. Now the silence was broken ~ we talked about struggles, dreams, life and the talk made us closer and closer in verbal terms. The walk became more fascinating. Now, there was a guard and he was trying to make himself warm with the log he has burned. Did he notice that we were burning ourselves instantly with a passion for reaching to the Goddess? He says go ahead — But we stay and chat with him while we share glances ~ then suddenly we decide to move ahead ~ the next morning we are going away from the world.

We move little ahead ~ a lamppost and a cold chair welcome us. Stops us. We stop. We sit ~ far at the ends. The inner communication going on~ verbally we don’t speak a word. We stop sharing the glances. Silence speaks. We know we are not living tomorrow. Why are not we Phoenix? I ask him inwardly. I hear him ~we are bound to be humans.

We knew tomorrow like the sky changes the color we would have to change our bodies. We were bound to fly away from our respective bodies to seek another~ we were bound~we were bound.

The Goddess still waits to embrace even knowing that we were never coming to her again…

#Check back again next week for part II

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