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That one.

She pointed at the red umbrella. The shopkeeper pulled from a pile of several others and opened it. She checked its features. It was not extraordinary and seemed a little feeble too. She looked at the sky. It was signaling heavy rain.

“My bad, why did I forget to carry an umbrella?”

She felt infuriated.

It was already dark. The shopkeeper knew she was in a hurry, so he started showing her several others, knowing that she would definitely buy one. But the dark red color had an effect on her. She was already wooed and the small heart embroidered on its border had fascinated her. She decided to buy it without second thoughts.

Lights and thunderstorms

She paced fast. The wind was howling and it had started to rain heavily. She clenched her umbrella tightly.

“Don’t worry. Five more minutes, then you will be home,” she comforted herself.

Suddenly someone slipped under her umbrella next to her heart.

“Sorry, I need your help!” he said.

She didn’t say a word, just kept on walking. He too didn’t say anything else. She approached her home.

“I have to go,” she spoke softly.

“Thank you,” he said, waved her goodbye and resumed his journey.

She felt sorry that he had to walk in the rain. She ran towards him and handed him the umbrella.

“You can return it tomorrow.”

“Of course, I will. Thank you very much.”

With a chill on her heart, she rested in her bed, going back to the moment once again. She started to imagine rest of the story. She didn’t know why, but she felt excited about the next day. She waited the whole day hoping that someone would call her in order to return her umbrella. She waited till noon but no one knocked at her door. Sadly, the evening passed, still, she wasn’t called. She had a hope somewhere inside her heart that he would come.

She waited the next day hoping that someone would call her in order to return her umbrella. She waited till noon but no one knocked on her door. Sadly, the evening passed, still, no one called. She had hope somewhere in her heart that he would come.

Weeks passed. She was slowly starting to forget her umbrella and the stranger.

One sunny day, she was dawdling in her garden when she saw someone under an umbrella coming near her. The umbrella was dark red. He stopped, across from the house next to her, and waited. A girl came out running and hugged him. She joined him under his red umbrella and together, they walked passed her house. The girl stood next to his heart.

She kept on looking at them. Then she realized, the umbrella had a heart embroidered on its border.

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I adore working with the kids and want them to have every opportunity to grow as an individual. A child\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s smile gives me a true sense of joy. I believe that human being becomes mature through his/her experiences. I too am in the same process. We pave our road of transformation through our numerous experiences, decisions and struggles. I don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t want to forget any of the days which have helped me to become more mature. Thus, I just jot down and I too believe that if I share my happiness it will be double and if I share my sadness it will reduce; not exactly into half but to some extent.

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