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Your fragrance spreads away in the small space that we just made ours. You say, you can’t imagine this is the moment that you and I are sharing this glass of tasty red wine. I wished that I was those tiny droplets of wine that had taken a perfect shape in the round wine glasses. And I just realize, we both are like the old red wine and in the different shape of glasses of our lives – we take shape of each other. In your glass~ you hold my life and in mine ~ I hold yours.

A candle is burning, it gives us light and drop by drop it is falling on the table in amoebic shape. The candle is so loyal to us. It will not blow with the wind. But I blow. I move away with your fragrance. I curl up in your warmth. I get stranded, stuck and freeze in just a moment when you just look at me with that luscious eyes. And in your embrace ~ maybe I would love to live just for- forever.

We become utterly silent for so long. We don’t have words to communicate because every other thing communicates where words stop. Our silence communicates a lot. We share nothing and yet in the compartment of our hearts, there are shared folders of our life. We do transfer our files in each others’ folders and yet we are silent and numb. Definitely, our life was stranded in Viber and when we pull ourselves out of it and we stare each other in a deep voiceless talk.

Junkiris are all over my head, blinking on and off~ as you are here! You are here! Right by my side that I can’t even give you a break, you have to be here, right with me! So close to me, by my side, to hold me close towards you~ Earthquake has created a havoc in me dear~ I thought I would never meet you again! I thought I would never ever meet you again! And the first ever sight of yours~ that I was dying for and I blink my eyes ~ and you are here right next to me.

The Warmth of your soul just gripped me and transferred in my life again, made me smile again and made me believe that my life has not come to an end and made my soul stronger. And, it is just you who is able to do that ending the phantom of the quake that had gripped me. With your warmth all the cold was replaced, with your warmth life was restored in me – yet again you are the one to light up the candle of soul again~ Dear soul mate ~Thank you ((:

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