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I Miss You

today I remember your smile
your gaze and charm ness a while
shy and beautiful, the nature of you
to speak was only way be part you
then there we were
sharing lives over phone,
dawn to dusk the sun shone
roof atop you would come
all for me to look you love
i couldn’t lay my eyes off
off you, my heart my fluff.

today I reminisce
my sub conscious instances,
how joyful were we
with your rather coerce dances,
force to say you
I love you zillion times
but I was never over
cause I did love you infinites
I could see in your sparkling eyes
true you devoted
for all there was but only me.

I can’t, I won’t anyways
forget your touch
atom smashing hugs
delight you smell
weight you befall
desire of your longing kisses
always up for my claims and wishes
sound of your pleasure
there could never by any measure.

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