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For a law to be a law, it has to be imposed by an authority; on this subject lies our variability, from opinions to inexperience. So who is the authority here? Nature?

Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, and various other books (various other books I’d not like to mention except that one because of a fundamental flaw they tend to carry which I’ll get to soon enough) on the subject basically implying Law of Attraction being what we think, we attract, we embody, we become and we get.

The logic behind it? The logic that begs to be seen is: suppose, I am a writer sharing my words on Instagram on topics that interest me, and/or I think I have knowledge of, then the people who write or want to write or at least have interest in the topics written about tend to follow me, tend to approach me with their words, with support and views. People whose interests don’t match will not follow or tend to unfollow if they once did. Basic example.

Now moving onto another example, a friend of mine is a videographer, he takes videos but never shares them, his close circle knows how creative his videos can be, and people close to the close circle know about his art through word of mouth. He takes videos, edits them and keeps them for himself, as a hobby. His mind thinks in terms of videos, what would be suitable, color gradient, the background, the camera angles, tweaks and tricks and subtle nuances; just as mine in terms of words.

The result, his close circle, due to his influence and due to his interests consists mainly of ones who at least know how to take decent photographs; and just last month, his hobby made him a good sum of money after a friend of a friend having known his capability offered him a project; which would have been a number of projects if he’d shared his work as most of us had advised and built a brand around it.

Just as him, I too have been approached to write in a few places either as a freelancer because of the law of attraction. Because, what I focus on are words, other interests are peripheral, blurred or irrelevant.

So, what is the law of attraction?

It is that we tend to attract WHAT our mind’s eye focuses on, and the things aside from it getting blurred and eventually out of the frame as we zoom in more and more. It is determined by what is important to each one of us, and, what we tend to sacrifice our mental & physical energy and time for. It is what we pray for, are willing to work for and even go hungry for. It is what we portray out in the world, mirrored back to us; vibes, what you vibrate you get, if you will. Basic economics, it is output derived by intensity* of what we put in.

No, we cannot get a job back or ex back just by praying for their return. The fundamental flaw on the books on Law of Attraction is that they forget, DELIBERATELY, to mention the labor, the sweat, the toil behind achieving things. We cannot achieve a castle by simply lying on a field where it’s supposed to be built while dreaming and thinking and ‘using’ the Law of Attraction for it. The books and videos tend to deliberately miss out on the work because truth is hard to sell if it tells you to put in effort and that you must work hard and sacrifice so and so in order to achieve what you dream.

The goal, it has to be something to be striven towards; the more passionate you are about it, the better. Because, passion implies your focus, your frame, the resolution of it being high and the things irrelevant to you being out of focus.

On jobs and exes, we, through our personal growth may realize that our previous job or partner wasn’t even worth the effort, OR was everything we needed in a job or a person. What if we realize the latter? Then we can work to be who we should have been so that someone or something as such may never slip from our hands, it sticks as a life lesson; thus, such things don’t fall under this law. No, the universe doesn’t bend for each one of us, but will surely bend DUE to each one of us.

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