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How to Save Money: About two months ago before the start of the Fall semester I wrote a post about finding your textbooks online. I mentioned that you could find a good amount of textbooks on a website called Click here to see the previous post.

Well, I have found what I believe to be a better resource when it comes to getting your textbooks for free. This website contains over two million of textbooks (e-book files) that are absolutely free for download. I have been able to find and download recent versions (2013-15) of textbooks that I currently need for my undergraduate research project. Some of these books would cost me from $200-500 dollars if it was not for this website. The website I’m talking about is the following

I know you might be thinking that this is useless now because you already bought your books for this semester, however, when next semester comes around you’ll have a place to look for your books before you spend your hard earned money (if any is left in your pocket after paying for classes) on ridiculously expensive textbooks.

Bookmark this website right now because the chances of you finding a book of need in the near future are favorable. Additionally, don’t forget your loved friends and share this post so that they can also enjoy free textbooks.

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