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Dropout Media and Events Pvt.Ltd. launched their new project ‘Beyond Business School’ on September 20 in Rastriya Naach Ghar, Jamal. The motto of the event was ‘Startup-Sustain-Scale: An Entrepreneurial Talk Series.’

The host of the event was RedMud Coffee CEO/Founder Ashish Adhikari. He was also the moderator for the panel discussion that comprised Foodmandu Founder Manohar Adhikari, Sastodeal Founder/CEO Amun Thapa, and Smart Tech Solutions Co-Founder/CEO Dibyesh Giri.

What happened at the event?

The event was organized to try and end the gap between educational and practical learning among business students. Ashish Adhikari hosted and inaugurated the show with a small presentation on basic tips for startups. He explained idea of the democratization of talent and free learning in a changing world.

Furthermore, he gave the audience a ride of his journey; from a man who sold 25 cups of coffee a day to the CEO of RedMud. He added, “I wanted to provide a market for farmers in Nepal and connect all Nepalis with Nepali coffee”.

From his personal experience, he provided the audience with some business lessons that included the art of selling, the importance of mentorship, the learning aspect of business and the importance of matrix in business. Moreover, he reminded the importance of mental and physical health along with running a business.


Subsequently, after his talk, they moved towards the panel discussion. Each of the panelists answered why they had chosen to be an entrepreneur. To this, Manohar replied, “It was a gradual process; I facing lunch problems while working far from home. The idea was solely built to solve problems for people like me.” Foodmandu became the first app in Nepal that delivered food from various restaurants from office to house doors.

Beyond Business School panel discussion

(From right) Foodmandu Founder Manohar Adhikari, Smart Tech Solutions Co-Founder/CEO Dibyesh Giri. and Sastodeal Founder/CEO Amun Thapa with moderator RedMud Coffee CEO/Founder Ashish. Photo courtesy: Droupout Media and Events Team.

Amun replied that he solely started his business in hopes to give a platform for the youth of this country. And Dibyesh said it was his motivation to create jobs that he planned and launched Smart Tech Solutions.

In the panel, they discussed the challenges, and the common hardship to find investors was recognized. They also kept forward problems like the lack of expertise and lack of government involvement. Nevertheless, they discussed how recognition of quality education and startup is necessary for our country. They also underlined the problems that one has to face due to the lack of infrastructure in a developing country.

After the panel discussion, the floor for questions was opened. Nabin Adhikari, Founder of young startups Sajilo Trip, asked for advice. The panelist answered how his passion is the seed, and investment is all about managing finance and numbers. Along with that, they added the importance of validation for a startup.

“This program has been really helpful and given me tips I can apply on my startup,” said Adhikari expressing his gratitude to the organization.

When asked the panel their experience on the program panelists Amun and Manohar humbly stated how happy they were to be a part of something that definitely would motivate the youth of Nepal.


Chhitiz Bahety, Chief Operating Officer of Dropout Media and Events, assured that this would not be the end of this program. Bahety said they would be back with another Beyond Business School program soon.

“The motto of the organization is ‘Motivating the lives of a hundred thousand youths of Nepal’ and we will be back. Also, we are also planning to launch a course on Beyond Business School,” he added.

Dropout also runs ‘Mero 2 Paisa’ podcast and the event titled ‘Breakfast with Mentor’.

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