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There was a time when I used to wonder why people think Gautam  Buddha is great. I mean he had obviously told all about good things, like speak truth, love each other, never hurt anyone and so on. But hey, we all know these stuffs since the beginning of time, yet crimes are committed. So, I started reading about buddha and his teachings. I wanted to know it all because somehow I have started feeling these negative vibrations in my country and felt how innocent people are dying. Some people are starving to death, just because they can not work and pay for their food. Plus, earthquakes have destroyed millions of home and people are leading a pathetic life.

Buddha, of course, have taught a lot about life and people. But I realized his teachings mainly focused on mind and thoughts. “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”  “Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are; it solely relies on what you think.” Buddha always knew the power of thought but for us, its too good to be true. What we think we become? Seriously? Oh, I want to be the king of the world then!! These are the questions that might arise in our mind, right?

Well, Scientists did a experiment to understand the power of thoughts. They made some atheletes run the track and record their blood pressure, heart rate and muscle contractions. Now, in next session, these atheletes were made to think or imagine that they are running in the track and all those measures were recorded again. The results were shocking, as the reality and their imagination matched perfectly. So, it was concluded that our body can not identify what is real, and what is just a mere thought. (that explains about anxiety due to certain fear like fear from height, you are not gonna fall but still looking at the height, you imagine it all and shrink away like a “touch_me_not plant.”) Its all about our mind and its power. Every thought has a frequency that leaves like a radiation in the universe. So yes, thoughts do have the power of making things real. Scientist call this as a “Law of attraction” and now that’s for sure that positive thinking can do miracles in your life. So be a positive person and see how life turns around so beautifully, just for you!


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