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Mount Cook Escapades

Day 4. Mount Cook. I should've learnt a lesson when I fell on my behind one too many times during that hike to Roy’s Peak and should have gotten myself a proper hiking shoes. I should've learnt a lesson when... Read More...

Patan Chronicles – Part III

For a small city that stretches out to 15.43 kms, Patan has a lot to offer - eateries, cultural heritage sites and places where you can just relax and spend a whole day without having to worry about anything. W... Read More...

Patan Chronicles – Part II

For me, Patan resembles a place straight out of a storybook. With close to 1,200 temples, stupas,and bahals of various shapes and sizes scattered throughout the squares and the fascinating backstreets in and ou... Read More...

Patan Chronicles – Part I

Patan is a veritable treasure trove, a mine of hidden gems that need discovery. This week and in the next few I will revisit old memories and hope to take you along in my journey of rediscovery of the myriad cu... Read More...


Photo By: Aalutamaa I grew up in a house where walking has been regarded as the best form of exercise. Be it post lunch, dinner or a midday nap on a sunny Saturday, we have always managed to scrape out time fr... Read More...