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If you are planning to go abroad and spend your vacation days, then Thailand is one of the best places to visit during vacation. This country is full of beautiful destinations and great food to try. It is also a great place for trading purposes and a lot shopping. Among the plethora of things, here is a list of things to do in Thailand in order for you to enjoy your vacation with your family to the fullest.

Street Food Frenzy:

When you reach Thailand, you may be tired and hungry so let’s talk about food first. After all, a long plane ride can take energy out of anyone. So, when you are hungry and want to eat something delicious, then going to restaurants is one option. But, if you want to have the real taste of Thai cuisine, try the food items from the streets of Bangkok . You’ll get to try everything at affordable prices. If you are not conscious about the ingredients, have a local guide to explain what the food that you are trying is and what’s in it. But, street food in Bangkok is the best place to explore the food culture in the country.

Take a Tuk-tuk ride:

Things to do in thiland

Tuk Tuk or Auto Riksha parked on the street. Photo: Unsplash/Florian Wede

Tuk-tuk or auto is a motorized form of the rickshaw that is very popular in Thailand. It is one of the major forms of transportation and one of the interesting things to do in Thailand. It is relatively cheaper and common than a taxi. They also provide night tours in Bangkok. So if you are new to Bangkok, a tuk-tuk night tour is a must to do.

Island tour:

When in Thailand, another best thing to do is visit the 300 islands that are located there. There are some gorgeous islands in that place so you will return with a mesmerizing sight of that place. Of course, you cannot travel to all of them at once. So to make the best out of your trip, do your research and decide which island you want to travel to, beforehand, and make reservations.

Scuba diving:

If you are in Thailand, then you have to go scuba diving as well. On every island there is a diving shop for your convenience. Thailand has these amazing, clear, blue oceans with diverse marine life. The underwater scene of Thailand is breathtakingly amazing and it’s an experience you don’t want to miss out on.

Temple tour in Chiang Mai:

There are over 300 temples in Chiang Mai, so you will come across one every other time. the temples here are Jaw-dropping and are cheaply priced. Visiting them is a must. But try to visit as many temples as possible in the shortest amount of time. It will be a fun challenge to do during your stay in the old city.

Night markets:

things to do in thiland (2)

Night market in Thailand. Photo: Unsplash/ Geoff Greenwood

Night markets can be seen all around Thailand. These markets are a great place to do light shopping while enjoying great music. It is also the best place to grab some amazing street foods in the country. While your stay in Chiang Mai, visit these markets because shopping is one of the best things to do in Thailand.

Visit Koh Lipe:

If you are in Thailand, you must visit Koh Lipe. The white sandy beach is absolutely amazing. Not only that, the beautiful shade of turquoise waters, massages which only costs about $10, is worth it. It is basically a real Thai paradise. Cheap drinks, epic sunset views, along with the best curry in the world. And the best part is, you can do literally nothing in Koh Lipe yet enjoy yourself to the fullest.

I hope you like this list of things to do in Thailand and enjoy your journey. Comment down below which idea did you like the most, and if you have traveled to Thailand, what did you enjoy the most doing.

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