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5 Scientific Ways To be Happy: It’s a day to rejoice, connect, and be happy. Let’s celebrate International Day of happiness with these scientifically proven tips to be happy. Here they go:


what does exercise do to our brain?? Everyone knows the answer!!! Yes, exercise releases proteins and endorphin that makes us feel happy. Exercise is also one of the best strategies to overcome depression with lower relapse rate.

Exercise can instantly help us relax, lower our risk of cardiovascular disease, improve circulation and improve our body image even if we don’t lose any weight. What else can be more joyful than accepting ourselves and exercise can make us feel good about ourselves? So, it’s  time you hit the gym, go for the run or simply do the famous 7 minute workout if you are busy.




Meditation not only calms us down but it can rewire our brain permanently to raise the level of happiness. From the ancient times, people have been practicing meditation for peaceful and happy life. Now science verifies that minutes after meditation, we can experience the feeling of calmness, contentment, heightened awareness and empathy. If happiness is your pursuit, meditate and get your daily dose of happiness.

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Help others:

One of the most important ways of being happy is helping others. The optimal time we should spend on helping others in order to achieve happiness is 100 hours. Not so much for the million dollar contentment we will receive. Research has shown that spending money on other people called “prosocial spending”, can boosts happiness rather than spending money on material purchases.

So on your next birthday, go help someone rather than buying yourself a gift, its far more pleasing.




Traveling is the golden opportunity to learn about different people, culture and food, it develops within you: tolerance, empathy and love for everyone. We can only guess who is not happy who travels. But if you don’t have time to travel, at least plan a trip. We actually get the highest spike of happiness during planning of a trip. If you can remember how excited you were during planning your last trip!! Yes, mark the calendar for the next trip and whenever you feel down, remind yourself about it.

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If you read, you already know the trick to be happy!! Reading helps us to experience places and people out of your context and time. Studies have shown that reading turns us into more empathetic person and helps us connect to other human beings.  After all we can never compare the joy of going on a train to Hogwarts, and to adventure with hobbits through beautiful shire in our imagination, can we?

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Be happy!!!

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