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If your workout partner has not been showing up lately, it could be that she’s on her period. Many women are unsure about exercising during periods, and most choose to avoid it just to be safe. Women are told to rest during their period, but how unsafe is it, really?

Yes, it’s safe to exercise during your periods. Though it may be unpleasant for some, moderate exercise can actually lessen PMS symptoms and menstrual cramps. When you exercise your body releases a hormone called endorphin, which helps to reduce cramps, stress, headaches and other pain associated with periods.

A recent study revealed a correlation between higher levels of physical fitness and fewer PMS symptoms. Turkish researchers surveyed 241 elite athletes about how their menstrual cycle affected their performance. While nearly three out of four women said they felt worse just before menstruation, 63% said that their pain decreased during training and competition and 62.2% said that they believed their performance was just as good when they had their period as other times of the month.

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Do not overexert yourself  since the discomfort during periods varies from person to person. Also, if you are new to exercise then take it easy. The best suggestion would be to perform some light and easy movements that helps reduce inflammation. But if it really feels terrible, it’s alright to take a day or two off.

Exercises such as walking, running, light aerobics, dancing, stretching, light weight training can lessen PMS symptoms. Try to avoid high-intensity workouts, inverted yoga poses such as handstands or shoulder stands, and heavy weight training. The KEY is to listen to yourself and your body.

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