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,House-parties can get boring if it is only about eating, drinking and having conversations with a few people. Things can get especially boring or even awkward if it is a party of somebody you don’t know, and interacting with new people is hard. But having some good party game ideas can save you and your party.

Because if you are the host, it kind of becomes your responsibility to engage people into playing games and letting the fun stay within your guests. There are a lot of ways to make a party fun, many games that can be played. So rather than just having some conversation over a topic, it is more fun and exciting if you create an environment where everyone seems to be enjoying the company.

So here are some party game ideas that you can play with your friends, families or colleagues:

Dumb Shall Act

It is more fun to play Dumb Shall Act (or Dumb Charades) in a large group, so a party is the best time. In fact, it is one of the most popular party game ideas ever. For this game, there must be two groups. The game is usually about figuring a movie‘s name through acting (but no word should be uttered).

Players take turns individually and act out the names (on a chit). Each gets 30 to 60 seconds at max.  Chits or names are given by the rival group while the player’s group has to guess the hints out without an utterance of a word. Teams get a point for each correct guess and the team with more points wins. You can change the rules as per your wish and group size.

Never have I ever

cheers party game ideas

Photo: Pexels/ Elevate

Never have I ever is the best drinking game for large groups at a party. It doesn’t necessarily have to be any alcoholic drink, but there certainly must not be any empty glasses in the room. It is one of the popular party game ideas, people are loving it.

Rule is each person has to start with the phrase “Never have I ever” and say something they’ve never done. The other members in the game must take a sip from their drink if they have done those stuff. This is an interesting way to find out unexpected secrets, crazy and weird things about your guests.

2 truths 1 lie

This game can be an icebreaker in a party where most people don’t know each other. In the game, as the name suggests, a person tells three things about themselves out of which two are truths and one lie. The other participants have to figure out which ones are truths and which is a lie. One can choose to give statements on any topic that you wish to share, just general, trivia, secrets, creepy and embarrassing incidents. This is one of best party game ideas where you can initiate a bond with new people.

Flip Cup

This game, among all the party game ideas, gets interesting after every drink. To play, get two groups or two competitors. Fill some cups with drinks and place them on the edge of the table on the opposite sides. The participating teams must finish their drinks and flip the cups upside-down using only three fingers. The first one to flip all the cups is the winner.

Beer Pongs

beer pong fun party game ideas

Photo: Pexels/ Burst

This is a drinking game that is absolutely fun and one of those party game ideas that gets exciting on every throw. In this, cups are arranged in a triangle on both ends of a long table, filled with some drinks in it. Each person takes turns to throw a ping pong ball to their opposition’s cups.

Rules are if the ball lands in the cup, the opposing player has to drink the content. The first one to eliminate the entire cups of the opponent becomes the winner. But, remember to set some ground rules to throw before you start the game. You can also play the game by putting dares instead of beer, in the cups.

Truth or dare

Speaking of dares, truth and dare is a simple game and one of those gathering or party game ideas that we are familiar with since childhood. The rules are simple yet get more interesting if the quality of given dares and asked truth is funny and embarrassing. You can either spin a bottle or randomly choose people or even take turns to ask for truth or dare.

You can even set some time boundaries just to pressurize the person to complete the dare on time or speak the truth without giving it much thought. It’s a fun game and for sure the room is going to be filled with laughter and giggles.


pictionary in doodle

Photo Credits: Open Space Art Gallery and Studios

Pictionary is another one of those ‘Dumb Shall Act’ inspired party game ideas that uses pictures or drawings to guess the word/ phrase/ movie names. The game could include any word, especially words that are difficult to represent in drawings. This way it makes the game even more interactive.

To play this game, you have to first divide people in two or more groups. Words can be prepared in cards or chits and you would need paper/board to draw. Then one member from each team will have to draw them using a paper and pen/pencil, against the clock. The team that get more correct guesses under a time limit, wins.

Besides these, there are also lots of party games ideas that could be played. In today’s context some of the games have even turned out have digital impacts. There are apps that contain some party games with rules to play, keep track of the team players and record scores. But the main idea is to have fun whereas you can always manage to find lots of party games ideas or maybe even create your own. The next time at a party, remember to entertain the guests with some party game ideas.

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