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Out beyond the human imagination
And far away from reach of medical science
An alien named ‘Corona’ made its way
Into the earth in late November
And dethroned all the powerful rulers in 2020

Desire of vengeance
And a mission to pay tribute to its late gang members
Who were brutally hammered with a medical antidote

Corona first hissed world’s largest economy
Things started getting worse
Began colonizing entire earth
Clairvoyant of this peril
Thinkers started brainstorming

Life at stake, terror everywhere
Hospitals housefull
Medical science running out of solution
Religion ? praying in front of science
Nuclear weapons playing a dummy part
Economy weeping at a corner
And our mother earth out of a burden, temporarily
Because she needs some rest.

Corona and humans
A rivalry to remember
What a rivalry !!
Where corona having a upper hand
A day will come
When humans conquest corona
and our unity gifts us our normal life
People will again come out in street
To cherish the death of mighty Corona
and implant the learnt lesson
Yes, a beautiful dawn awaits everyone.

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