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Cutcrease Variation In blushPink

Hope everybody is having a great week! Finally, its feels warm and that hint of summer is at our door. spring and fall are my favorite weather time and I love that I can finally corporate colors in my dress up and makeup. Talking about today ‘s looks, I have been obsessed Blush tones and rose gold colors and I feel like it compliments so many looks and I can create so many looks from it.

I always loved doing cut crease and its multiple variations. This particular look is as beautiful as shimmer, glitter and a very soft Pinkish blush cut crease. Especially, if you have big eyelids and double lids it looks incredibly beautiful on it, which enhances your look.

If you are in dramatic look like this then you should give it a try. Hope You Guys like It and give it a try. Do hashtag me or tag me #glambyhitesha if you recreate this look. I would love to see your takes on it.

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