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Dear Sister,

I still remember we grew up quarreling and squeezing into the same jeans and the t-shirts that are hanging in the closet loathing to see the same insane fights we had. But now I can smell that I have grown up!

Never realized how the days flew. Now I can see how long time had waited just to say “You are grown up now, I give you, your part of hard-work. “Little did I know now I am so grown up to take those burdens of responsibility on these small shoulders? I know i am just a teen still but the feeling of those responsibilities tangles me within it and say “I won’t let you go”

I can see you working hard, so I make sure the time would never bother you the same way. Your cheesy talks and mischievous acts are still awaited though I will fly away soon you will be missed the same. I make sure we will quarrel again the same way because I will be back soon.

I have set on a journey where I can prove the time I am grown up now and can digest all that it serves. I want you to learn not from my RELAPSES but by my decision to remain in RECOVERY despite them.


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