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Five Popular Food from Nepal: Nepal is the ultimate destination for food fanatics. Food habits in Nepal are as diverse as the people and culture there.  As an agricultural country most people grow the crops and raise animals for food. Apart from the main ingredients, the dishes always contain an ample amount of spices such as ginger, garlic, cumin, turmeric. And the food is healthy as the dishes are prepared from scratch. If you are wondering what to eat for dinner or when you are travelling to Nepal, here are the 5 popular dishes from Nepal.

1. Daal bhat tarkari:

The most popular food in Nepal in which steamed rice is served with lentil soup (daal) and curry (tarkari). Other dishes may also be added such as meat and pickle and salad. Being a Nepali, Dal bhat tarkari is a ritual for me no matter what else I eat, I have to have it.

daal bhat tarkari

2. Gundruk dhido:

Dhido is a porridge made from flour (corn, wheat, millet, barley). Gundruk is fermented leafy green vegetable which is very popular in Nepal. According to legend, gundruk was first made during the war with east india company, when people decided to ferment the leafy vegetable in case they ran out of food while in war. We do not know the authenticity of the legend however Everyone must be always up for a legendary traditional food.

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3. Samay baji:

Yet another authentic and traditional food from Nepal. The food consists Baji (beaten rice) and many side dishes including fried boiled egg, black soybeans, spicy potatoes, ginger, beans, spinach and buffalo meat.  This dish is passed down from many generations in the newari culture and no doubt it is the main attraction of Nepal.

samay baji

4. Aalu tama:

This traditional dish especially comes from the hilly region of Nepal. Potatoes, black eyed peas and bamboo shoots are cooked with spices. The dish is garnished with green coriander leaves.

allu tama

5. Momo:

Momo is another favorite food from Nepal. Momo is a dumpling filled with minced meat or vegetables. It is served with spicy chatni (pickle) and eaten hot.

The origin of momo in Nepal is not certain. Momo seems to be the native and traditional food of Tibetan. It is believed that the Newar merchants travelling to Tibet brought the recipe back home. Thanks to the merchants!!!


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