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How can someone not believe in love?

Yes, I agree we’ve been heartbroken more than once. And sometimes our hearts break a little more everyday but, that doesn’t mean love is not real.

Love is nothing like two bodies wanting to be united. In this world of breakups and side chicks, open relationships and no commitments, real love goes unnoticed. Love is platonic. It is strong. Love is the fire that cools our soul.

When we fall in love, we just don’t fall for the shape of a person. When in love, we love the thin lines on their palms. We love the scars they have had on their bodies, long before they met us. Love their childhood stories. We love their past & present, and also dream of a future, together.

I believe in love

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When we fall in love, we notice things. We notice how their lips move towards their cheeks, slowly forming their smile. We fall in love with how their eyebrows move, their expressions and the wrinkles on their forehead. The way they blink their eyes, the color of their eyes and their eyelashes. Our heart blushes when their eyes meet ours. We love how beautifully they have been created.

When we fall in love, we love their every imperfections. We even love excess fat in their body, no matter how much they hate it. We love how they walk, talk, smile or laugh. Whatever they do, we find it perfect. We just want to lock them in our hearts forever.

When we fall in love, they become more than just our strong desire to keep them in our lives. We want to be with them but, we put their happiness above ours and sometimes let them go. We become blind, we suffer everyday just so we can make them smile. But nothing compares to the pleasure we get from that pain. There is nothing dearest than that one smile, of that one person!

The way we feel about them, the way we don’t feel for anyone else. Our heart physically aches when they hurt us. Our body freezes when they leave us. And our brain stops working with the thought of losing them. It has the strength to build us and the power to destroy us. However, no matter how scared we are to fall, we know it’s a beautiful feeling. We know it’s powerful. We know it’s heavenly.

So, how can someone not believe in love?

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